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10 Healthy foods to lose weight that you need to have in the kitchen

Healthy foods to lose weight

The kitchen in the home is one of the favorite spots for everyone. It is the place where all desires are fulfilled and some of the important treasures kept. In most of the houses, females especially mothers are entitled as in charge of the kitchen. However, it is not restricted to one person. Anyone can cook food to feed the family and make them happy.

With good food, another thing that comes in our way is weight gain. In case, a family or person is not able to maintain the balance between food intake and calorie management with other health issues. Things can get out of control and will lead to weight gain. To lose fats from the body, food options are a key element. There are common 10 healthy foods to lose weight that everyone needs to have in the kitchen. Commonly, everyone does have these food items stocked in the kitchen but do not know about these.

It is all about our focus on the things. We commonly run after taste, proteins, carbs, and cravings that we left outcome important factors. Keeping these foods in the kitchen will not help to lose weight but their appropriate consumption as well. here are the 10 healthy foods to lose weight you have in your kitchen but no use.


One of the famous and common salad that everyone has in the kitchen is enriched with an amazing antioxidant characteristic that helps to clean blood and meltdown the fats from the body. it is not just ideal for weight loss but helps to have a better metabolism, healthy blood, and skin as well. it is convenient to consume cucumber as salad, in a smoothie, in electrolyte or detox water and other juices as well.

Beans and pulses

Beans are another important source of proteins, energy and help our body to reduce fats and get lean muscles. These fat-free proteins help to cleanse the blood and body at the same time. We commonly stock up on beans and pulses in the house but unable to find the best way of using them for weight loss. You need to limit the quantity and get them in an appropriate portion. Having boiled beans in a salad, pulses in soup in mid-day will help you to get the required amount of energy and stay healthy. other than soups and salad, you can have some amazing cuisines from them such as burger, fitter, noodles, and more.

All green leafs

The green and leafy vegetables are enriched with antioxidants and fat cutting characteristics. These have plenty of minerals and vitamins such as iron that helps your body to meet the mineral deficiency, improve blood production and regulation, remove fat from the blood, and revive the body cells. When you are looking for the fat-free minerals then these greens are the best way out for you.

We have green leaves in kale, spinach, basil, mint, coriander, and many other options as well. you can cook them, stir fry them or have them raw as well. numerous smoothies, salad, and cuisine recipes out there help you to try these green vegetables with a twist. You can even follow the vegan recipes for weight loss that will help you to make the use of these vegetables and resources in the best manner.

Boiled potatoes

Potatoes are a starch food and commonly referred to as the weight-gaining element when it comes to diet. Many people avoid having potatoes when they start a diet or weight loss practice. it is amazing to find out that after boiling the potatoes became a fat loss agent naturally. Boiling removes the starch from the potatoes and makes it lighter to digest and easy on the stomach. It makes the complex components simple and lets it settled with the body as well. however, you should not add any other fatty agent to the boiled potatoes and have them as it is.


Lemon is the amazing fat cutting agent in its own. You can use the lemon dressing, limewater, lemon tea, and detox as well. it cuts the fats stored in the boy and improve metabolism that digests food properly. Moreover, lemon does not let the cells and muscles to store fats for long and cleans up the blood vessels as well. it reduces fats from the bloodstream and keeps it healthy.


The dry nuts are also amazing for fat loss. A handful of mixed nuts or only walnuts can help you to have better fat reduction. The nuts are good enough to give you energy and burn the fats from the muscles. You can take them as a snack to avoid any cravings and get the dual benefits.

Red Chili

It is one of the common spices in cuisine but does have the features of melting fat from the body. red chilies are the commonly used item from the 10 foods for weight loss. You can take it as a spice, herb, pickle, and sprinkle on food. Remember, to focus on the crushed red chili with its seeds s you will get better results.

Cottage cheese

Low fat and healthy cheese form help you to lose fats from the body. the cottage cheese does not stock up the fatty layer in your body and boosts your immunity and metabolism at the same time. 

Green tea

When you are looking for the amazing metabolism booster and fat cutter then green tea is the right option. It contains antioxidants that clean your blood and help the body to reduce fats. It controls your hunger and relieves stress as well. you can refrain from the stress eating with the regular use of the green tea.

Fresh fruits [not juices]

It is recommended to consume fresh fruits, not juices to lose weight. Juices carry more calories than fruit itself. In whole fruit, you will be able to have fiber that meets the body’s needs and gives your body-limited amount of natural sugar.