Most popular lightweight suitcases hack you should know

lightweight suitcases

Let roll into some tips that will help you to have lightweight suitcases when traveling.

Pack your stuff in trip accordance

It is one of the commonly ignored factors when someone packs for a trip. Instead of thinking that you are traveling, you need to think of where and why you are traveling. On a business trip, you will not take a swimsuit, joggers, or short pants with you. While for a beach vacation you will not take the prom dresses, tuxedo, and bomber jacket as well. The smart way to pack for your trip is to pack according to your trip.

It is necessary to pick up only the things you will need for the trip and are important. The consideration will help you to eliminate all the factors that can cause problems with the suitcase weight and luggage management. You will be taking only the necessary things. Another consideration is the duration of your trip. If it is a two-day trip, you need to pick up the stuff accordingly and if it is more than two days then check out the options that will help you to minimize the burden.

Think of washing or reuse

When you have a long trip or you will be staying at a place for multiple days then it is not necessary to get the multiple dresses or outfits in your luggage. It will not only make it heavy but cause you to carry too much stuff with you. Instead of getting dress planned for every day why not have the alternative dressing. You can cross-match the outfits with each other, use the same clothes after washing, and reuse as well. It will not only save your luggage cost but makes your traveling smart.

Remember, when you are traveling the purpose is not to have too many clothes but only the necessities. We have to travel with the necessary, not the luxury options so cut off everything that is not necessary for use.

Get the smart toiletries

Toiletries are the essentials that you cannot miss out on. You will get these utilities at any hotel you will be staying but how about your personalized skincare. Most of the time, it is not possible to get suitable toiletries or when you are on an adventure trip then you need to have your supplies. Instead of carrying the containers or the complete bar soaps, the best idea is to pick the smart options. Liquid or paper soap, cutting a bar into small size or getting a small bar, using smart shampoo and condition kits and many other options are there for you. These options can help you to save space and reduce weight as well.

Pick the shoes smartly

Shoes acquire most space in the suitcase. It is better to pick up the shoes carefully for your trip. For the vacations, sneakers or fleets are the desired option as these are helpful for walks instead of flip-flops, sandals, or shoes. Therefore, you need to carry shoes that are good enough for your whole trip. Moreover, pack your backup shoe option well in the suitcase. After cleaning up them, put them in a zip lock bag and stuff your undies in them. It will save space and makes you a lightweight suitcase for traveling.

Don’t fold, just roll

Folding up the clothes is a common way out that you have whenever you are packing up for the trip. It is not just about packing for the trip but organizing your closet as well. It seems one of the tidy options to keep your clothes and other apparels managed. Did you ever think of rolling up instead of folding? When you are picking up a lightweight suitcase then the use of roll works better than folding. When you roll up a shirt, it takes less space in comparison to a folded one. Moreover, you can fix in the clothes and accessories nicely into the bag with convenience. It helps you to place the stuff in the bag instead of just stacking upon each other.

Puzzle placement works best

It is not necessary that everything you are carrying in your bag be of the same size or type. Things are different and have multiple sizes when you roll them. Therefore, you cannot tiles everything in a linear manner. Puzzle placement works best. You need to contrast stuff in the suitcase to make it organize and fit everything in its right place. Stacking up the things will not work at all. So, be careful with the filling of your accessories and clothes in the bag and its placement.

The suitcase matters itself!

It is not always about the stuff you carry in the suitcase but the suitcase itself. Many of the suitcase options available out there are too heavy originally that you are unable to get off the load from them. It is necessary to know the value of selecting the right and lightweight suitcase when you are buying one. Getting the light in weight and the heavy-duty suitcase is not a bad option at all. You will be able to have it by going through a few resources. Many of the manufacturers offer you lightweight material bags that are ideal in space and weight as well. It seems the best way to reduce your load while traveling anywhere.

Extra tips:

  • Always keep your stuff in the need order. The things you need the most of first should be on the top and the things you need later placed at the bottom.
  • Keeping the backup for everything is important, but too many backups are not necessary. Have some smart options for the backups to minimize the weight.
  • Carry only one bag with you for any trip as it makes your luggage manageable
  • Do not buy the stuff you can get back in your hometown at the destination location.
  • Buying gifts or shopping too much is not necessary for trips, so be selective with your spending on your destination.
  • Always keep a little space in your luggage when you are leaving for a trip, as you may have some additional things on your return.