Seven destinations for Cheap beach vacations 2020

cheap beach vacations

Beaches are the perfect vacation destination for summers. You have white warm sand, sunny day, seashores, water fun and a perfect tan. It all feels great that let you spend some time with yourself and enjoy everything around. 2020 have been a hard year that has taken away some of the important travelling opportunities from the people. Thankfully, we are moving towards an exit from COVID-19 situation then cheap beach vacations are possible. Summers are not over yet, there are still some save spot and calculative travelling options open for you. All you need is to see the list and consider the safety guidelines.

At these beaches, you will be able to enjoy the best time by saving the cost. At these cheap beaches, you will be able to have a good time on the budget.

Myrtle Beach South Carolina

On the Atlantic coast, Myrtle Beach is one of the popular and favourite beaches for vacations. It is an oasis for families to enjoy numerous attractions coming from gold courses to nightlife options. You can enjoy the best beach rides in the daytime and have exotic beach parties at night. With friends, drinks, music and starry night, bonfire gives you an ideal feel on the beach. Many of the hotels and resorts here offer you the cheap stays and easy accommodation in your budget range.

The Bahamas

A tourist’s paradise loves to spend time on white-sand beaches and enjoy the variations. The Bahamas have more than 700 islands where you can explore much more than you imagine. It is accessible from many spots and welcomes you with comparatively lower prices that you need to know. These are the safe islands and beaches where you can have a good time. The tourists are already affected in the area due to certain reasons but bring you an opportunity to land on the best prices.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

One of the tropical and extremely amazing destinations that welcomes you to a world of adventure, fun and exploration. Here you will get beaches, adventure parks, natural and cultural hotspots and much more. You can explore the water parks, waterfalls, zip lines and a lot of natural pools that worth watching. The white sand in the daylight is just amazing to let you feel the freshness in there. Along with places, there is food, shopping centres and some high-end resorts or hotels waiting for you. All of them offer you comparatively lower prices to stay, eat and explore. Even the resort-like Bavaro area’s Occidental Punta Cana has some of the specific attractions for the guests. The report is equipped with volleyball nets, snorkel great, lounge chairs, beachside bars and whirlpools as it is situated alongside the idyllic beach.

Corfu, Greece

When it comes to the cheap beach vacations then you cannot miss out the Corfu, Greece. The economy is on its struggle in the country and that has made it an exotic beach destination for tourists. Although the beach is a less known destination in the state but does have several attractions. Being low profile makes it cheap and affordable. You can easily get inexpensive flights, hotels, food, shopping, services and much more. Here you will have a lot of exploring just like the other place. Along with experiencing the beach time, you can look around for the other things based on your interest. It is cheap but not super cheap, so if you are on a budget then you may have to compromise a few luxuries on your stay.


When we are talking about cheap beach vacations then it is impossible to ignore the Hawaii that is the home of beaches. It is a hub of numerous beaches that are world-famous and have all the attractions that one could think. Hawaii is a beach paradise where you can enjoy everything from diversity to nature, adventure to exploration, fun to food and much more. Right now beaches here are under the price dropping influence so it seems the best time to get the cheap flights to Hawaii and enjoy some of the amazing time here. It is not just about the cheap flights but stays and commute in there is quite affordable.

South Pardre Island, Texas

It is maybe shocking to some of the people to know that Texas has a beach and that is too budget-friendly. The island has road access that makes it one of a popular option for the locals and tourists as well. It is ideal for spring party breaks and you can enjoy some of the amazing parties here at night. For adventurous friends and families, it is the best spot where they can be busy with water all the time. During September to October the island, remain calm, so if you like to spend time in privacy, you will love it there in that time for sure.

Manzanillo, Mexico

Out of numerous beach resorts in Mexico, for the cheap beach vacations, we recommend you Manzanillo. It is a place where you can have all the fun you want but at a reasonable price. Although you may miss some of the highlights that are not necessities. The place fulfils all the requirements so you will not feel bad for anything. From your room or apartment to food, shopping and adventure, everything is covered here. Using public transport, you can make your commute easy and cheap as well.

Final words

Going on cheap beach vacations after a specific lockdown seems a utility that may not everyone have. It is something that brings you back to life and makes you feel good. These places are all amazing and loaded with numerous advantages so you will love them. Remember to pick up the destination considering your budget and travelling options. These beaches are forever and will be a budget spot for you to enjoy some good time in vacations for sure. It is all about calling up for smart, safe and affordable travelling around the world.