160 KVA Generator Price and Specification

EO Energy

EO Energy is the reputed brand name in the field of wholesaler, trader & supplier which deal with several brands of Diesel Generators to complete all power needs.

Here we deal in a powerful & brand new design 160 KVA generator Price. We are providing u several brands of generators that make all your desires complete. Here is why  you should choose our products and this is because of the following reasons:

  • The body is made up of stainless steel that does not cause stain easily and the dedicated paint on the generator helps you to keep it away from the stain.
  • Due to its robust and rugged design, the generator can work in an extreme weather situation.
  • The design and quality of the generator are made under the supervision of highly qualified engineers which makes the generator features are easier to use, and its body is designed as it can survive in the worst job location.
  • Also, the best in class components like stabilizer which make the electricity remain at the same level that doesn’t allow the power to go high or low.
  • As the 160 number shows that this generator is highly working efficiently and this made it highly suitable for industrial power plants. These key features will make the generator the first and the last choice of the customer.
  • Apart from this, here we deal in rental power needs where u can reduce your budget rather than purchasing it.

Before making a purchase, a customer should know the full details about the product

KVA Generator

KVA stands for kilovolt-amps where it is also called the apparent power of the Generator. The term you see on Generator is KVA  which generally means power output. With the help of power output, you can choose which type of power you require.

Usually, the Higher the KVA rating, the more power the generator will produce.

Now the question arises by the customer who doesn’t have too much knowledge about the product are:

Which type of generator do they need?

The answer is very simple: KVA energy is most important to understand which type of generator is your need according to the power. An overload on the generator could damage your generator as well as the equipment connected to the generator.

Let’s discuss according to the type which generator is used according to your need:

  1. If a customer wants to buy it for household purposes then he or she can buy between 6KVA to 100KVA and can use more than 100KVA according to their need.
  2. More than 100KVA generator are bought by the industrial power plant where 160KVA Generators is the first priority of the customer.
  3. From 500 KVA to maximum 2000KVA Generators are used for high power consumption and these are used for mining, construction, events, and quarrying.

Things that make you buy KVA Generators

  • Limited fuel consumption

Our company always takes care of the environment where we try to take care of the environment. For this, we provide those generators that do not consume too much fuel and this will help you to save our resources and also gives benefit to the customer as well.

  • Sound effective

Earlier, generators produce too much sound that will produce too much noise pollution.

To solve this problem, our engineers have upgraded the technology and made the generators that do not produce too much sound and make it sound effective.

  • Portable and Compact

It is difficult to move generators from one place to another place and that makes generators a bit costly for those who take generators on rent. We inform you that our size and weight of generators are compact and can be easily transferable to anywhere.

  • Exhaust and Cooling

The major problem that comes to every generator is that it will get heated and stop working because of blowing heat. Here in our generators, there is a feature that will solve this problem. An especially pre-installed exhaust and cooling machine are inside the generators which will always boost the engine while using it for a long time. 

Key features of 160 KVA Generators

  • Dynamically transfer of energy

There is an automatic transfer of energy in 160KVA Generators whenever the power goes shut and automatically stops of energy whenever the power goes off.

  • Longest and durable power supply

The engine of the 160KVA Generator will work for the maximum hours and the features available in 160KVA Generators like exhaust and cooling fan will always boost the engine.

  • Low fuel consumption

Due to advancements in technology, the consumption of fuel is decreased that makes your pocket more cost-effective and can save you more money.

  • Price

Price is always a key feature to the customer and the 160KVA Generators is available to us at a very reasonable rate where the customer doesn’t need negotiation in bargaining price.

 The thing that makes you buy the DG Set from EO Energy

EO Energy is a well-settled and well-reputed company in DG marketing where it’s deal in the wholesale, trader, and retailer. The thing that you buy the product from EO Energy are as follows:

  • Customer satisfaction

EO Energy will always look for customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is the first priority of EO Energy where it sells its product after being fully-satisfied by the customer.

  • Complete Information & Suggestion

EO energy will always give full details about the product which is given by our experienced sales departments and always gives the best of knowledge to help you decide which DG set is suitable for the customer.

  • Reasonable Price

EO Energy always looks after the customer budget. For this, it always charges a reasonable price from the customer.

  • Low cost of Maintenance

Due to the quality and components used in 160KVA Generators.  The maintenance costs of the machine are available at an affordable price. Regular oiling and maintenance are enough for the machine to increase its life.

  • Testing

Before selling the product we always show the practicality of machines that will help the customer to be satisfied.