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Best Pizza Recipe – How to make it the Best Possible Way!

Best Pizza Recipe

Most people have tried to come up with the best pizza recipe, but none has achieved the perfect pizza. The most important factor that can make or break your recipe is the preparation of the dough. There are many homemade pizza recipes but the best recipe usually uses a ready-made dough that you can buy in the market. Here is a guide to pizza making with ready-made pizza dough.

Basic ingredients:

First of all, what do you need to make pizza? Basically, a good pizza recipe consists of these basic ingredients: water, flour, sugar, and salt.


  • To make pizza dough, you can choose from two methods. Cold method (slow) in a food processor combine with the following order: flour, water, oil, yeast, and salt.
  • Then add flour into the food processor until it comes together. Then place the dough on a work surface and start kneading with your hands for about ten minutes. When the dough is done, transfer the dough into a clean plastic bag. Keep the dough in an airtight plastic bag in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.
  • Then it’s time to bake the good pizza. Preheat oven to the right temperature. After preparing the pizza oven, spray it with cooking spray.
  • Place a piece of plastic wrap over the pan so that the heat will not escape. This can prevent the pizza from sticking to the pan. Place the hot pizza in the oven and cover with aluminum foil. Keep in mind that a high temperature will cook the pizza faster. Also, make sure to remove the pizza from the oven before it becomes brown.
  • Once the pizza is browned, let cool and serve warm or cold. If serving cold, add some cheese. If serving warm, add your favorite toppings. {If you have some). The toppings may vary depending on the flavor of your pizza.
  • Another option for the best pizza recipe is to bake the pizza the night before. As an alternative, you can bake the pizza the day before and serve it the next day to friends and family.
  • The key to a successful pizza is to use fresh ingredients. It also has to be made with care. To get that perfect pizza, start off by learning the proper technique, and then you will surely have the perfect pizza.
  • Well, the dough needs to be measured with precision. Don’t forget to take your sugar, salt, and other ingredients. If you need to mix them up, be careful. Make sure that all the ingredients are evenly distributed in the mixing bowl. This is because it will make the dough roll out properly.
  • Next, mix the dough with your hands until you are left with a ball of dough. Use a rolling pin to roll the dough until you come up with a small circle. When you get around the edge, you should fold it over the rolling pin a few times to seal it. Next, press down the folded dough to seal it tightly.
  • Roll the dough until you have a thin layer of dough on the opposite side. Then roll this one more time. Finally, fold the finished dough over itself carefully.
  • Lastly, trim the edges and slice the crusts if desired. This way, the pizza will look as though it has a crust. Make sure to put the pizza on a parchment paper and leave it uncovered so that it can rise. For baking, place in the oven uncovered.


With a good crust, it will be easy to decorate it and keep it looking its best. And if it has been baking, you can serve it cold for dinner or lunch. Enjoy your best pizza recipe as a perfect holiday meal with your family and friends.