Tourist guide to Paris

Paris travel

When it comes to traveling to different countries, Paris is at the top of your list. Every other traveler wants to visit the city for once in life due to immense attractions and many other features. It is not just about a great tourism spot or central capital of France but the city has many other attractions. Paris is known as a city of love, fragrance, and much more. After London, it is the most visited city in Europe that welcomes tourists from the globe. Although it is a city but has so much to do and explore in there that you need to check a guide. Here we have a complete guide about your tour to Paris.

Booking your stay

The very first thing that comes on the list is the places you can stay at. In your tour plans, it is the most important and integral part. Once you are at the airport, you need to find accommodation to settle your baggage and relax a little. Here we bring you some of the exclusive and best options to make your stay comfortable in Paris.

It is possible to book your stay in Paris from about 100 Euros per night to 50 Euros per night in hotels. If you do not want to have any fancy hotel then you may be able to bag a deal for less than 50euros. On the other hand, you will be able to get apartments, camps, and rentals in Paris as well. The city has two camping sites nearby that are open throughout the year. You can search through the hotel search engine in order to find more appropriate and reasonable options. Here are some shortlisted names you will be able to consider generally:

  • Shangri-La
  • Four Seasons George V
  • Relais Christine
  • Grand Hotel Du Palais Royal
  • Hotel Emile
  • Hotel Chopin
  • Generator Paris

Places to visit 

Once you are done with the booking and your accommodation arrangements then you need to map the visits. In Paris, you will get a number of attractions and tourist spots that will grab your attention. It is necessary to list down and decide on your visiting schedule. When you have limited time, it is better to consider planning your locations. The planning will help you save time, traveling, energy, and cost. On the other hand, it will make your tour organized and manageable.

Eiffel tower

The Eiffel town does not require any introduction as it is not only a symbol of Paris but France as well. The tower was built in 1889 that is 300 meters in height. It was originally hated by the locals initially but now turned into a landmark of the state.

Palace of Versailles

In the summertime, it is the best place to visit and you need almost a whole day to spend here. Exploring the architecture, spacious gardens, and many other things are amazing. You will be able to get admission to the palace with a price of 20Euros at the entrance booth.

Explore Louvre

Louvre is the biggest museum in the world that has a number of landmark articles in the display including a portrait of Mona Lisa and many other famous artists. It is impossible to visit the whole museum in one day; you need at least two days to complete your tour inside. There are so many things to observe and details to explore there and it is time-consuming.

Jardin Du Luxembourg

It is the largest public park in Paris with exotic gardens having statues, monuments and fountains in it. It is full of life and welcomes so many locals and tourists every day. You can have a good time there spending or enjoying healthy activities.

Explore the city

Other than these landmarks, you will be able to find out a number of amazing spots in every corner of the city. From tombstones to Memorial De la Shoah, there are numerous sceneries to watch and experience in Paris

Adventurous experience

Where to eat

It is impossible to ignore food delicacies when you are in Paris. The city has a number of cuisines to enjoy when you love food. For travelers who are a foodie as well, it is the best option to enjoy good food in the city. You need to know what are specialties you will be able to enjoy in the city. The city is known for some of the traditional cuisines such as:

Foie Gras – cooked duck or goose liver with all spices and richness

Escargots – made of snails

Boeuf Bourguignon – beef stew with red wine

Croque-monsieur – ham and cheese sandwich that can be baked or fried optionally

French cheese

France is known for the cheese-making and you can try out some of the exclusive and boutique cheese in Paris. When you are roaming around town, you can find out over 400 varieties of cheese that will level up your craving and love for cheese.

Dessert delicacies

The bread and pastries are another attraction of food here in Paris. You will be able to find out a number of well-known and traditional delicacies freshly made. It is not hard to find out an appropriate bakeshop in Paris streets to enjoy some good sweetness.

Eatery spots

You will be able to find out some of the exquisite restaurants at Montmartre that range from national to international food spots. 

  • The Latin Quarter
  • Basilique du Sacre-Coeur
  • Place du Tretre

Spots for shopping

Champs-Elysees is the most popular shopping avenue in the city that offers you all the vintage and leading brands to shop around. On the other hand, you will get Avenue Montaigne that is comparatively a small street. However, it has some of the exclusive and quality products in the shop that will grab your attention. Even at Rue Royale, you will be able to find out stores from the local and international brands. The Latin Quarter offers you a number of affordable shops with variant products of your interests. You can buy perfumes, cosmetics, bags, dresses and much more from these streets easily.