9 reasons you should plan a tour to Hunza

Hunza valley

There is no doubt that Pakistan has heavenly landscapes from its eastern to southern and northern borders. Every single corner of the state has its own importance and attraction when it comes to culture, natural landscapes, history, innovation, and improvisation.

Hunza has become the heart of tourism due to some specific reasons that are unforgettable at all. It is a valley in the province of Gilgit Baltistan with a 100% literacy rate. The valley is known for the great hospitality and welcomes a number of local and international tourists throughout the year. Fortunately, even in the winters, a route open gives access to Hunza and provides uninterrupted tourism and trade. Here are some major reasons that encourage you to plan a tour to Hunza:

Cherry blossom


Cherry and Hunza have a strong connection. In the production of Cherry, Hunza is a top-grossing valley that comes up with the best quality cherry. In the cherry blossom season, it feels great to witness cherry blossom everywhere in the valley with the combination of great mountains like Rakaposhi, Lady Finger, Nanga Parbat, and much more. It appears to be an unforgettable view that will leave you speechless in any manner.

The walnut cake

Another reason to visit Hunza is the famous walnut cake of Hunza by Café De Hunza in Kareem Abad Bazar. The café is known for its traditional cuisines and food verities that you will not get anywhere else. All organic products are the key ingredients to the special walnut stuffed cake pie. Having a perfect cup of coffee or tea with the cake makes you experience the richness of flavor.  

Eagle view of the valley

In many of the tourist’s videos, you may have seen the Arial views of different landscapes. It is always amazing to see things from an eagle eye where you can see everything from a wide-angle. What if you are able to enjoy the same view without any camera but with your eyes live. At the Eagle nest viewpoint of Hunza, you will be able to have an overview of the whole valley in between mountains. You can observe the presence of all tall mountains of Himalaya and Karakoram at the same time. In the middle, the valley will let you have an unforgettable sight. It is worthy to struggle and trek for about 10 to 15 minutes on the peak at Eagle nest viewpoint. You can spend a little time there sitting on rocks and viewing the sunset or sunrise.

Exploring historical perspective

Hunza has ahistorical importance from the historical perspective as well. Gilgit Baltistan ha the rulers and systems from the beginning. Gradually their civilization faced advancements and cooperation by different social welfare organizations. Altit and Baltit forts are the presentations of the ultimate historical overview of the valley and province. In these forts, management has secured the traditions and history. Visiting these forts will get you closer to the ancient roots of Hunza and people there.

Hussaini Suspension Bridge

Suspension bridges are not new to the world. You can find a number of bridges in this type anywhere in the world. However, Hussaini Suspension Bridge is a unique one among all of these. It is one of the oldest and daring bridges in Hunza having planks fixed quite at a distance. Although, the community pays attention to its maintenance and they use it for the daily commute, but the tourists may feel a little horrified standing on the bridge. It makes the person feel the bridge is flowing. The supervisors do not allow tourists to take more than five steps on the bridge considering the incidents there. However, having  picture there or experiencing the thrill is necessary.

Upside down – Pasu cones

Pasu cones are another attraction for the tourists in Hunza. Viewing the cone Structure Mountains upside down gives you chills. It feels like somebody actually constructed these cones in a specific symmetry to give a balanced view. On the highway, moving towards Pasu cones you may feel like the road will crass through the cones at some points. It is the best spot to capture some of the exotic masterpieces from your camera.

Igloos at Attabad Lake

Attabad Lake in Hunza on your way to Khunjerab pass is another attraction. You can have motor boating, Jet Ski, and other activities there along with floating hotels and igloos. Staying for a night in igloos at Attabad Lake is one of the exceptional experiences you always love to have. Other than igloos, you will be able to experience the floating hotel at the edge of the lake. There are certain camping spot offers you a cheap night stay at Attabad lakeside if you want to stay there for long.

Soost Bazar – refreshment spot

On your way from Attabad Lake to Khunjerab Pass, Soost Bazar is the spot to stay. It is not like any other Bazar but on high way, it is the last refreshment spot before Khunjerab pass. There are hotels and restaurants in Bazar to welcome tourists who want to keep their stay near the border. In the Bazar, you will be able to get all the expected facilities from medical, food, groceries, petrol, and much more. Staying there can be cheap and helpful if you do not want to have a long hour’s drive between Hunza to Khunjerab in a single day.

Khunjerab Pass – Ultimate destination

In your tour to Hunza, Khunjerab pass is the ultimate destination that brings you another amazing experience. It is the borderline between Pakistan and China at the point of Khunjerab. At this point, you will be able to feel the air pressure, lower temperature, and some beautiful scenes. Above all, there you will be able to witness the world’s heightened ATM machine by the National Bank of Pakistan. Getting cash out of it can be a risk but you can take pictures there, tag others, and have plenty of fun. If you are visiting there by the end of the summers, then you need to be prepared for the chills at the border.