What makes Pakistan the ultimate tourist attraction around the globe?

minar e pakistan

Tourism in Pakistan is a hot deal these days. Unfortunately, tourists not only international but nationals due to terrorism have ignored the country. Thankfully, the peace in the state is restored now and people are progressing with their tourist activities. Not only the nationals but also international tourists are now attracted to the state. To visit Pakistan, a person has numerous reasons that we cannot count. However, here we are reviewing some of the characteristics the country has to be the biggest tourist attraction around the globe.

Variation of landscapes

In the world, there are a few states having such an exceptional verity of landscapes. Pakistan is a naturally enriching the country with some of the breathtaking landscapes all over the country. No matter if you are in a village, city, town, northern side, southern side, eastern or western side, there is natural beauty everywhere. From the largest mountains to desserts and one of the busiest ports in the world, you can find here everything. Moreover, right now Pakistan is progressing and developing its tourism with a huge margin.

All four seasons to enjoy

There are very rare countries around the globe that have all four seasons. Pakistan is one of the blessed states with all four seasons of winter, summer, spring, and autumn. Tourists here can experience all these seasons and enjoy their benefits. Due to these reasons, Pakistan has is the ultimate beauty, productivity, and importance.


Love and hospitality by the people of Pakistan are nothing new to the world. These are the people welcoming and hospital to each guest. The tourists here are safer, happier, and important to every citizen. Many of the international vloggers, recently visited Pakistan claimed to be touched by the act of kindness and hospitality by the people here. Guests have significant importance and respect in the country from a cultural and religious point of view.

Ultimate spots from glaciers to beaches

The best thing about Pakistan is that you can experience height of 16,000 feet from the sea level to the sea level in one state. You just have to travel for about 24 hours to 72 hours depends on your mode of traveling to experience these two variations. It takes some hours to shift from glaciers to beaches, mountains to desserts, and experience oasis in desserts as well. The land enriches the variations that amaze you at the same time.

Cultural enrichment

Colors of culture are another attraction that grabs the attention of tourists from the globe. There is no doubt that Asian countries are enriched with cultural variation and transformation. Pakistan is one of the states that come up with multiple cultural practices. After every 1000km, you can experience an entirely different culture, language, lifestyle, locality, food, and traditions. It is amazing for all the tourists coming here to experience this diversity in one place.

Another amazing factor in this enrichment is religious diversity. It is not difficult to find the best examples or interfaith harmony and social acceptability of religious differences. People here know how to live with love and accept diversification under the light of Islam. Although it is an Islamic state, giving equal rights to other sects or religions is another important factor in Pakistan.

Food that ask you to crave for more

Another reality about Pakistan is that no other country can beat the state in food. People here love food and their love for creating delicious meals is eternal. Visiting Pakistan leads you to food cravings that cannot be satisfied at all. You can get all continental, traditional, seafood, grill, and many other cuisines in every corner of the country. All the cities have their exceptions when it comes to food. The specialties are always welcoming and make you feel fall for these easily. The aroma, taste, and spices in the food make it colorful and appealing to everyone.

Crafts that are unbelievable

Handicrafts are another attraction for tourists all around the globe. These are not just the crafts for them but a souvenir that mark their visit at a specific place. In Pakistan, for the tourists, there are numerous handicrafts waiting in every city. From carpets to caps, hand fans to pottery, truck art to embroidery, shoes to jackets, and much more. Every single city and province has its own expectation when it comes to crafts. These are colorful, exceptional, and unique that makes tourists fall for them all the time. 

History that is untold

Pakistan has some of the ironical ancients cities in the world. The state has its own history from a huge background that leads people to the history and its exploration at the same time. You can find out their forts, shrines, tombs, and much more. Some of the famous historical cities here include Lahore, Multan, Bahawalpur, Peshawar, Hunza, and many others. In fact, every single city of the state has a specific background and history of its own. Visiting and covering all the historical perspectives here is another level of adventure that excites many of the tourists.

Beauty that is unfold

A true tourist can value the natural beauty that lies in every corner of this land. Pakistan is thankfully one of the amazing states enrich with the beauty that is unfolding. People can only cover a few spots in specific timings to explore a bit about them. For most of the tourists who love to explore all new things, Pakistan is an attraction because of its unfolded beauty. There is much more about the state to let the world know and people to find out. It is not new that a person prefers to visit the same place repeatedly at different timings to experience every new thing there.

Another reason for this variation is the seasons and weather conditions. In every season, a place acts differently and have different modes or landscape. Therefore, to experience the difference, tourists have to come to the same place all over again.