GEARED-UP TRIPS: 5 Smart Travel Gadgets that Will Make You Feel at Home

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How amazing it is to feel at home even in a place so unfamiliar. 

Without a doubt, one of the best things in life is seeing the world’s most breathtaking features from different parts of the world. Humans are truly blessed with the life that has been allowed to witness all these masterpieces. There’s no denial that how this world was shaped, molded and created was through the work of perfect Hands. 

Because of the grace embracing the Earth, it’s not at all surprising why leisure traveling is always a favorite hobby of many and to travel worldwide is a huge dream for all. Aside from the fun from it, it is also rejuvenating, astounding and educating. 

All travelers know that in the middle of all the glee that traveling gives, reality hits you hard when you experience the tough travel struggles. Surely, every traveler has that one or more aspects which give them a hard time during the trip, and they don’t just happen in one trip but unfortunately get repeated in more trips. Just talking about it feels annoying! 

Good thing! Brilliant minds and hardworking hands collaborated well to solve these travel problems. With technology ruling countless things in human life, numerous gadgets have been built and rendered to transform ordinary and conflict-ridden trips into the best trips of our lives! Actually, many of them are the objects we are used to having at home but with remarkable twists, crafted specially for traveling coziness and suitability.

Stay in this piece and discover some of the most fantastic smart travel gadgets that will make you feel at home anytime anywhere! Know what makes them outstanding and worth buying! 


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Among the most difficult things to manage while on a trip is keeping your dirty clothes inside your bag and deciding whether or not you will repeat some of them in the following days. It’s not really a burden if you booked a nice hotel accommodation with good water supply and washing agents to clean them, but what if you’re out of the way? 

Is your heart even ready for this cool travel gadget?! A big garment-cleaning appliance only commonly used at home and indoors can be brought and kept in your bag?! You are not reading some fantasy stories; this one’s real! A mini washing machine is actually a thing, and it’s available in the markets today. 

You may look up two variations of mini garment washers. One is the mini foldable washing machine. Many find it really cute and adorable aside from the fact that it’s fascinating. There’s no need for an electric output (which is hard to search for during a trip) to utilize the portable washing machine. Provide some space in your luggage. Its lightweight feature makes it really perfect for all kinds of trips.  

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Another is the wash bag assembled with a washboard. If you want a more versatile and space-saving option, you can go for this one since you can pack it after folding it to its smallest folded size. It’s probably tinier compared to your hand, thus, placing it in your bag is not a dilemma at all. You just need water and a cleaning liquid to use it for clothes washing wherever you are.

These portable mini washing machines will help you save money from pricey laundry shops abroad, conserve time from waiting for the hotel’s services and avoid stresses from unwashed clothes you keep bringing in your baggage. 

They are the items that will solve your travel issues about your wardrobes, especially when you are backpacking, camping, boating, cruising, hiking, and more! And hopefully, it won’t happen, but even when you get lost in the middle of nowhere while finding your way to your destination, a mini garment washer will keep you going clean!


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Staying healthy and clean while traveling is very significant. That involves the food you eat and the drinks you take during your trips. When you can’t find clean drinking water, what are you going to do?

Some will say, “I can drink whatever kind of water it is.” And you’re going to acclaim that they can win a survival show in the jungle, right? On the other hand, some will definitely exclaim, “I’d rather hold in my thirst for a week than take even a little sip from that well you say clean!” That’s understandable because many diseases result from drinking unsanitary liquids, and no one wants those. 

Well, if you’re the latter type, here’s a wonderful travel item that you must purchase for your trips: a personal water filter! Especially for campings, hiking and other adventures far from the city, you will need this!

Hydrating yourself is important, but if you are reluctant to just drink from wherever, even from actual drinking water services, a personal water filter is your best friend! Bring one, so you can comfortably drink safe water from anywhere like you’re just at home. 

Travel hydrated. Travel safely.

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Being able to properly pack your things in your travel luggage is some sort of a talent! It’s not easy, especially when you have loads of stuff to bring. 

Possibly the most head-aching packing task of all is trying to put all your clothes, pants, underwear, jackets, headdresses, and all other wears and accessories in your average-sized bags. If you are not patient enough and if you don’t know how to fold them small enough to maximize space, they will just become horribly wrinkled even before you zip the bags. 

Worry no more! Handy travel vacuums pumps are there to save your “I’m–so-close-to-getting-pissed-off” kind of day!

The handy travel vacuum helps eliminate air within your handbags, flight bags, knapsacks, and whatever bag you are using for travel! You can reduce the space occupied by your clothes as they are being compressed thoroughly. That equates to more capacity for your other objects like shoes and cameras. 

You can pack home a lot of remembrance items too! If ever you need more extra rooms in your suitcase, the handy travel vacuum will help you get the job well done! It’s absolutely easy to use and hassle-free to carry!


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One of the most unfortunate things that could happen to your mobile phones, cameras, and other electronic devices on a trip is getting low batteries. Of course, they’re off to shut off which is equal to no more pictures and videos were taken in some parts of your specific trip destination. OH NO!

But your superhero is here! Power banks got the power! You just need to put your phone’s cable charger or connector in the USB port of the power bank, and it’s going to get energized back again anywhere you are. Even without an electrical outlet, you still go back to the hotel with a full battery! Thanks to power banks!

Yet here’s the even greater news! Wireless power banks are in the world too! They are much more convenient since there will be no wires and cords that might get tangled up while charging your phones and other devices — tip-top for traveling! Just never forget to fully charge them too before you leave for the trip.


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A lot of people think and say that smartwatches are just for fashion and actually useless, BUT THEY ARE TOTALLY NOT. 

A smartwatch is a rewarding gadget for your trips both locally and abroad. Know that it does not only work as a mere watch. What else can it be? 

It can be a navigator. Through vibrations, it can instruct you about directions. Instead of looking at a virtual map on your phone or in your car, this smartwatch will let you enjoy the scenic views while paying attention to the road directions.

A smartwatch lessens the need for you to bring out your phone just to answer a call, respond to texts and chats, check your account notifications, watch some videos, and listen to music. That’s very valuable, especially when you cannot immediately get your cell phone from your bag. It can make you do all of these with one simple device on your wrist, and that device is ITSELF: the smartwatch.

You know that mini heart attack you get when you’re on a trip, and you’re looking for your cell phone but don’t see it immediately? When you are just alone, you can’t even ring it. It’s nerve-racking. BUT here comes the smartwatch, making you amazed again because, with the “find device” feature in most smartwatches, you can find your phone by ringing it through your watch. Wow, a tremendous boon for traveling!



There you have them! This friendly list does not promote any brand or store. Instead, it gives you the awareness that these interesting gadgets exist! It’s your call to look for the brands that suit your style, budget, and location too.

It’s so frustrating when the same mistake you made or the same challenge you could have prevented from happening during your first trip occurs on the second trip. Ugh, just thinking of it will make you want to go back to those times and correct what you should have made right. That is why planning not only for your trips themselves but also for the highly essential things to bring is vital! 

Awesomely, smart gears and gadgets were born through the power of the unrelenting advancements in technology. And they show no sign of going outdated anytime soon. They definitely aid travelers a lot to enjoy trips even more while staying comfortable and convenient, so you wouldn’t want them any other way. 

Because of these impressive devices designed to gear you up for more worthwhile travels, any place can now feel like home even miles away from your home ground.


Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host, and a voice-over artist. She finds quality and well-researched writing as a worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. For her, it’s restoring and fulfilling to the heart and a great way to clear the mind while loading it up with fresh learning. Film critiquing and filmmaking are among her interests too. Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University-Manila, the Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.