How to make your pin viral on Pinterest


Are you also trying to bring traffic to your blog with the help of your pin? If yes then this entire article is going to help you to bring more engagement to your blog. 

You can apply these steps to your Pinterest account by getting more visitors to your pin if you don’t have many followers. 

Last month many people asked me a question about how to get more visitors to our Pinterest pin. And how to get the viral pin on Pinterest. So I think that I should make an entire article for this query. 

If your pin of Pinterest is not viral, then what should I do? 

This question asked by you is also right in its place but we need to know that Pinterest also works as a search engine and it is a search engine in itself. 

So we have to work very well to make your post viral here. You must all know that it is very difficult to make your post viral on any search engine and it is applicable in this case also. So it is not right to say that we can easily make our pin viral on Pinterest

What does it take to go viral? 

First, we know what is called viral. 

A lot of people understand viral, how much traffic they are getting every day and if there is a high amount of traffic, then they call it viral. 

But in Pinterest traffic is measured in 2 forms 

1. Clicks 

2. Saves. 

1.Click: Click means that no.of traffic and engagement on your pins. 

2.Saves: Number of engagement on your pins. 

So from here, we can know that the question should not be ‘how to get viral’ but ‘how to get more engagements on Pinterest’. 

So in this article, we are discussing ‘How to get more engagement on your Pinterest pins’. In this article, we will discuss 5 steps that help you to get more saves and clicks on your pins. You have to work on a more popular niche on Pinterest 

1. Most popular niche.

If you work with popular niches on Pinterest, then you will see a very good response. One has to recognize the algorithm of Pinterest and work on those niches which are going viral on Pinterest from their creative mind. Pinterest is a platform where you become successful by working on these niches. 

Here is the list of some popular niches. 

● Health & Fitness 

● Parenting 

● Home decorator 

● Food 

Making money 

● Beauty & Fashion. 

Because most of the people are curious to know about these topics so the blogs or pins on these niches get more saves and clicks than others. I hope you understand this concept. 

2. Write that post or pin that every Pinterest user wants to read. 

If you want to become a successful blogger, then you write a post that will be liked by other people and they also share that post. Make your content targeted to your audience. 

Make sure to solve queries asked by your visitors. 

If you are writing about yourself then it is a total waste of time and your hard work because no one is there to read that blog based on your daily life. 

Provide your visitors the blogs or content that they want to read. By this, you can get more visitors to your pin or blog also. 

3. Keep in mind that your title should be enticing to everyone. 

Keep in mind that if a visitor clicks on your PIN, they first read your title and if the title of their PIN is very compelling, your pin is more likely to be visited. 

You have to work on the tour title. Make your pin title more attractive that helps you to bring more visitors and clicks to your pin and blog. 

You can also understand this by taking your example 

As we play YouTube, we want to see videos whose thumbnails are more attractive. So we should think at that point ‘what is it that attracts our mind to click on that video’. By taking many examples, you understand how to grab the attention of new visitors. 

4. Make your Pinterest pictures more attractive. 

As you know you can also change your blogging career on Pinterest. 

Pictures are the only thing that can attract more visitors to your pin or blog.

Because it is an image display platform and here you can get more and more visitors and clicks by just using these strategies. 

If you want more visitors then you must also follow the above points. 

And if you can design more attractive pins and pictures then you can get a huge amount of traffic using only Pinterest. 

More attractive pictures can directly impact your ranking on Pinterest. 

5. Here you also have to do proper keyword research. 

As we all know that keyword research is the main factor that can affect ranking on Google and also on Pinterest. 

So we have to take special care that even on Pinterest we have to do as much research as we do for blogging

By doing proper keyword research we can easily rank our pins on Pinterest if we can adjust that keyword on title and description too. 

Make sure to place those keywords in the title and description by which Pinterest can help you and your niche for the targeted audience. 

Proper Keyword research matters a lot in ranking your pin or blog in these online fields. So. Please guys never skip this step, this is a really more important step than others. 

So guys hope you like this article and if you like then please share with your friend if they are also in trouble to get more clicks and saves on Pinterest.