5 Tips for Choosing the Right Mobile Agency

Mobile Agency

We know that the realization of a mobile project involves a significant investment both financially and in terms of commitment, its future success results. It is therefore essential to entrust it to professionals, but it is not always easy to place your trust in a service provider, especially when it is your first mobile adventure.
Here are our tips for choosing the best mobile agency for the development of your application, the one that will understand your needs and that will support you throughout its life cycle.

How to Choose the Right Mobile Application Development Agency in 5 Points

1.   The Budget and Completion Deadlines

Before any search for a service provider, you must already define the framework of your project. This includes the budget you have available to carry out the design and ergonomics, the front and back development of the app, but also the acceptance, maintenance, and animation. Each step is essential to the smooth running of your project, do not neglect one.

The second point concerns the deadlines that you impose on yourself. Are you planning this application for a particular event (trade fair, promotional outing, etc.)? These dates will be communicated to the chosen agency to assess with them the feasibility (and yes, you will surely not be the only client to call on their team) in due time of your project.

In view of this information, if the agency does not have an online budget simulator, contact a sales representative, he will send you a quote in line with your needs. Seeking the lowest price at all costs can save you some money, but it can also affect the quality of your final product. So don’t be fooled.

2.   Expertise

It is in your best interest to limit yourself to finding a service provider who has real expertise in the technology you are going to choose for your app.

Choose one that will offer real added value (for example a mobile backend), with proven methods, and will adapt to the particularity of your business! For example, turn to a partner who uses Agile methods (SCRUM type) if reactivity and availability are important parameters for you.

3.   References

References and Use Case as they are called are good supports for January 1st idea of the credibility of the agency. You will thus be aware of the missions already carried out by the team, the scope of complexity covered and the types of applications carried out (business, service, social networks, etc.). This information is most of the time visible on the mobile agency’s website, do not hesitate to download these applications when they are publicly available. You will be able to test the functionalities and the user experience.

4.   Trust, Reputation and Customer Returns

If you want to put all the chances on your side, it is better to have confidence in your future partner (the work that you are going to do together will still take a few months). Although it is rare to find a perfect provider in every way, a company’s reputation often precedes it. You can thus rely on it but to ensure the veracity of the “we say” nothing beats the testimony of other customers, so if you have the possibility of obtaining it do not deprive yourself of it!

Word of mouth is also the best advertising; the recommendations will allow you to better understand future collaboration just like custom logo design.

Finally, to know if the feeling will come by with the future team in charge of your app’s project, ask to discuss with them and meet them!

5.   After-Sales Service / Maintenance

Creating a mobile application takes time and requires follow-up even after it has been uploaded to download stores. Indeed, the work of a mobile agency is far from over, so be sure to choose a partner who will support you beyond the aspect of design and development.

If the implementation of support service is a good start, it should offer you services to ensure corrective maintenance (resolution of bugs) and/or evolutionary (new features, new compliance) according to your needs (degrees of urgency). Its mission will therefore be to provide you with monitoring tools or alert you when your app experiences an anomaly, and to advise you on the correct update of your interface to keep you up to date with new existing technologies.

A good agency will also be able to offer you solutions for analyzing the performance of your app, which will make it easier to estimate your ROI. Mobile data is numerous and often untapped, a big mistake, it allows you to considerably increase the engagement of your mobile users. Through these tools, you will be able to effectively maintain and develop your application project.