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Why keep a track of the nutritional values of your meals in a food journal is necessary?

food journal

Developing a Food journal is one of the crucial and important practices that every health and fitness conscious should do. We are all so caught up with numerous things around, that it is impossible to look after our health. Meal timings, meal composition, and everything is at stake. Eventually, one can face issues with poor metabolism, aging, obesity, and much more.

Keeping the food journal helps in so many ways for a person. Moreover, adding the nutritional values of every meal taken makes things even better and improved as well. It is just about having a small breakdown of all the factors in the meal and taking note of what your body getting from the food. In the practice of clean and healthy eating, the strategy works a lot.

Calorie management

When we are on our way to a healthy life, a nutritionist asks us to work on calorie management. We should be getting enough calories a day that our body can consume no storing for sure. While noting the nutritional values of the meal in the journal, you will calculate them and calorie is one of them. It simply brings you a number that is important for you at times. Do not eat food just because you love it and need it. Eat it, as you should for your body to be healthy.

Help in eating each food group

Randomly our meals are not balanced. We do not spend much time deciding the food options for each meal. It is just a random pick for the day and we are sorted. However, it is wrong. When you have to write down the nutrition, you will look out for each aspect in detail. It will bring you the other food categories and groups as well. To balance the calories and nutrition, you will pick up food options from other categories. Eventually, you will be eating fruits, vegetables, meat, nuts, pulses, and much more in a specific portion every day or week.

Noting the vitamin intake

Many of the health problems we are facing are due to a lack of vitamins. When there are not enough vitamins in your meal, eventually you end up having them from supplements. The reactions from the supplements can be different for each person. To avoid the lethal consequences and bear the pressure of expensive supplements, it is better to get the right nutrients from natural food. These are adjustable to the body and come fresh in natural combinations.

Decide on foods easily

In the wake of noting nutrients in a food journal, you will do a little extra research and plan everything. It will reduce the daily struggle to decide on foods. Seems like you have all the meals planned, just pick up from the journal and move ahead with the meal for the day. It saves time and comes up with so many other attached benefits.

Follow the diet right

For someone who is following a specific diet such as plant-based, Keto, and any other plan, the practice can help a lot. In most of these diet plans, one needs to focus on calories and nutrients. When things are already in practice and you have these sorted yourself, there is no need to do extra work on preparing yourself for better. It will come in handy for you and sort out the stuff as well.

Observe body reactions

Many people are not aware of their food intolerance until they do not have anything major. We all have some intolerance to a specific kind of food. It can be due to taste, composition, or any other reason as well. Tracking everything in a food journal helps to observe body reactions and mark food intolerances. Eventually, you can pick up the alternative to these food options.

Enable fitness easier

A well-maintained journal that has records of everything related to your meals is the best fitness guide ever. Studies show that our body is the presentation of what we eat on daily basis. It is about 95% of what we eat and 5% of our physical exertion. With diet management, you can reach the goal easier.