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Best Indian street foods that you must try

Indian street foods

India is known as the land of spices. It is known all over the world for a mouthwatering curry. But there’s more to Indian cuisine than the old school curry. And chances are that if you’re an Indian you already know about the delicious and flavourful Indian street food. India is a diverse country and so are its foods. Different Indian cities have different street food specialties. So here we bring you the top Indian street foods that you would love to try.

  • Pav bhaji:
    • After the classic vada pav, pav bhaji is the second most popular food that you will get to see in the streets of Mumbai. Bhaji is a mixture of boiled vegetables that are roasted in a flat tava with Indian spices. It is combined with freshly fermented bread buns. Pav bhaji is the perfect evening snack or morning breakfast for anyone. It is a flavourful street food that is enjoyed all over the country. And you not only find it in Mumbai but in other cities as well. The best version of this street food is when you try it with freshly cut onions and drizzle some lemon juice over it. Pav bhaji is the spicy and drool-worthy street food that you must try for sure.
  • Choley Bhature:
    • Old Delhi is the place where you can get the world’s best Chole Bhature. Choley Bhature is a perfect savoury combination that will not only fill up your stomach but your heart and soul as well. It is a North Indian street food that you are going to love. A Bhatura is a piece of fried bread that is made from white flour. It is combined with choley to give the best taste and flavour. You can grab a plate of this mouth-watering street food you must visit in Chandni Chowk Delhi. There are several places where you will find heavenly street food options for yourself. So, if you have not been to Delhi till now then you must give this food a try.
  • Puchkey:
    • The signature street food of Kolkata which is loved worldwide for its funky taste, a Puchka is also known as Pani Puri or Gol Gappa. You can find two variants of a Puchka at every street food stall. It is made from Suji (Semolina) or Atta (wheat flour). When you visit a hawker, you will find them adding dry black chickpeas, potatoes, black salt, mint leaves to it along with minty water or a sweet one. So if you want to know what a blast of flavours feels like then you must try Puchkas for sure. You can also enjoy Puchkas with curd and pomegranate. 
  • Khasta Kachori:
    • Kachoris are fried food that you can enjoy with aloo ki sabzi or hari chutney. The filling for kachoris is made with fried onions, boiled potatoes, and fried lentils. The outer covering for this food is made when a flat layer of white flour is deep-fried. Kasta Kachori is the tastiest street food that originated in India and is widely preferred and eaten. The best thing about this street food is that you can pair it up with hot cutting chai and enjoy it anytime. It makes up a perfect and cost-effective culmination of flavours and spices for all the foodies out there.
  • Momos:
    • Momos originated in Tibet. They are made when a thin layer of white flour is stuffed with vegetables or chicken and steamed for about half an hour. There are several variants of this food that you can find on the streets of India. Be it our desi “Tandoori momos” or the creamy “afghani momos” you can enjoy them all. This mouth-watering food is eaten with red chilli chutney. And in the streets of Delhi, the rice of one plate of momos varies from Rs.40 to Rs.120.

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