Which WOD Tracker App Is Best For CrossFit?

WOD Tracker App

CrossFit exercises are known for being overwhelming. CrossFit schedules push you as far as possible chasing after ever-more noteworthy additions. All things considered, not everything about beginning CrossFit must be a test.

With the privilege applications, you can discover exercises, keep tabs on your development, time spans, and interface with different competitors—all in a couple of taps or swipes on your cell phone or tablet.

There are huge loads of CrossFit applications—and many more wellness applications as a rule—yet you don’t have to filter through them all alone. Download (at least one!) of the best CrossFit applications here and see with your own eyes.


Squash your activity of the day with numerous WOD benchmarks in WODster. You can make and save your own activities, or snap a photo of the whiteboard at your CrossFit Box to use later. The application joins the beginning, Tabata, and stopwatch timekeepers. Can’t pick an activity? WODster will pick one erratically so you can work.

CrossFit Games

CrossFit Games

CrossFit Games takes the “gamification” of CrossFit rivalry to the following advanced level. The application routinely delivers new, refreshed exercises that you can take an interest in. An outcomes leaderboard shows how you’re doing contrasted with other application clients doing likewise exercises. The application likewise ensures nobody is cheating by utilizing “development guidelines” to guarantee everybody utilizing the application is logging similar exercises.

Beyond the Whiteboard

Beyond the Whiteboard offers a rendition for competitors and a variant for box proprietors, every one of which has its own highlights intended to support athletic greatness and network in CrossFit.

Competitors can track and share their exercises, gauge max reps for different lifts, contrast their outcomes with the overall network, and see where they stack up on their container’s own leaderboard.

Forms of the application are accessible for the web, iOS, and Android, despite the fact that it includes some major disadvantages. People can pay $5 every month or $50 every year, which incorporates a 30-day free preliminary.

Box proprietors can choose plans going from $35 to $200 every month, which incorporates participation access for determined quantities of competitors.

For instance, a case with a $35 month to month participation can give admittance to 25 individuals, while a container paying $200 every month can add a limitless number of individuals.


WODBook is like WOD Log yet permits you to all the more effectively interface with your nearby box to get to exercises and contrast results with other neighborhood competitors.

The free form of WODBook is vigorous. It incorporates exercises, clocks, schedule highlights, investigation, and one rep max gauges for every one of your activities.

While the free form is superb, the Proform offers an element that shouldn’t be ignored—the WODmachine. The exercise generator contrasts from those in the other applications on the rundown.

Rather than giving an arbitrary exercise from an information base, WODmachine utilizes your inputted information to make custom exercises explicitly for you.

The application is accessible for nothing on Android. The PRO form is accessible as an in-application overhaul for $2.99.

CrossFit WOD Log

As indicated by Vandersoft, the creators of WOD Log, highlights of the application include:

  • Track your day by day WODs by adding them to your WOD Calendar
  • Buy into your most loved boxes with an RSS Feed Subscription to import/make your every day WODs
  • Compute your Athletic Skill Level
  • Weight rate graphs
  • Append pictures to your WODs
  • With more than 150 preloaded regular WODs, you’ll generally have the most cutting-edge rundown of WODs!
  • Enter results and notes for your followed WODs
  • Offer your outcomes with your Box, or use Facebook, Twitter or Google+
  • Monitor your number one WODs
  • Monitor your benchmark WODs
  • Search your movement by work out
  • Search Daily WODs by work out
  • Deal with your own records
  • Competitor Profile – Total completed WODs, Favorite WODs, Benchmark WODs, and information examination
  • Get sizes of your own records
  • Imagine your own records progress history
  • Track your outcomes for the benchmark WODs (Girls, Heroes, Bodyweight WODs, Open WODs)
  • Make your own benchmark WODs and offer them to your companions
  • Track and imagine every one of your benchmark WODs history
  • Preparing Timers are incorporated ( StopWatch, Amrap, Tabata, and EMOM )
  • Reinforcement your WODs in the cloud by marking in with Google or Facebook! Protect your WODs if your gadget is lost or broken!
CrossFit WOD Log

There were just two surveys for this application at the time this article was composed. It got an “extraordinary application” vote however somebody was disillusioned that you can just track one PR for each development.

CF Finder (iPhone)

CrossFitters who need to travel regularly, wind up confronted with the problem of passing up great quality box preparing while they are away. CF Finder will fix that in a jiffy and assist you with finding the nearest box to you.

XFit PR (iPhone, Android)

Is it accurate to say that you are worn out on losing all sense of direction in interpretation when you hear the words Fran, Cindy, and so forth? Is it true that you are worn out on being yelped at about inappropriate behavior? At that point, XFit PR is the best application for you. It will allow you to see the entirety of the named WODs, demos of CrossFit methods and it has a WOD supervisor to make your own WODs.

SugarWOD CrossFit™ Official application

  • Buy into your case’s WOD feed
  • Get cautions when your container’s WOD is posted
  • Prep recordings to use before your WOD
  • Interface with Crossfit competitors everywhere in the world
  • Look at how your companions are getting along on your everyday leaderboard
  • Show uphold for your companions with remarks and “fistbumps”
  • Make and record a custom exercise
  • Track exercises are done at home

As an authority application of CrossFit™, you access a ton of remarkable CrossFit™ material. You’re likewise ready to associate with competitors all around the globe and offer help for each other.


At the point when you’re taking a gander at getting the best watch for CrossFit to help screen and track your action during Crossfit, there are various highlights that you need:

  • Various game modes that incorporate Crossfit.
  • A precise pulse screen. At the point when you lift loads in Crossfit in stretches, your pulse will spike, dissimilar to a sprinter’s which remains pretty much even all through their run.
  • You need it to screen HIIT and Interval Training.
  • Crossfit has WODs – Workout Of the Day – and you need to have the option to add the custom daily practice prior to beginning.
  • Consequently, distinguish the activity and tally the reps.
  • Personalization of activities that can be added to the information base.
  • Screen and examine your presentation with the goal that you know where you can improve.
  • It should disclose to you the measure of calories copied during the exercise.
  • An adaptable wristband that won’t limit developments while powerlifting.
  • An obvious presentation that is sturdy and will hold up to the afflictions of Crossfit.