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Graphic Design trends to look out for in 2021 and Beyond!

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As we look at the current outlook of the market, we can quite clearly notice the plethora of similar products and services vying to get the customer’s attention.

In this era of cut-throat competition, organizations are literally spending millions on their marketing in a bid to create a separate place for themselves in the mind of the consumers. These include everything from advertisements to the poster and banner design. Organizations literally leave no stones unturned in their efforts to get ahead of their competition.

Marketing has become the need of the time and its role is much broader than just letting people know about the existence of a particular product or service. Marketing on various mediums provides you that perfect opportunity and space to let the customers know about the specific qualities in your product that no other entity has.

Through marketing and implementing proper branding strategies, you can provide your organization and all the products and services under its umbrella a unique personality making it stand out in the clutter that is the market competition. There are many ways through which you can market a product, first of all, there are these conventional methods of print, Tv, and radio to run your advertisements on. Then there are these new digital platforms that seem to be on the rise and are here to stay.

Since there are literally so many mediums now through which the promotion of a product or service could be done, keep in mind that the only objective over here is to enhance the preferability and individuality of the product. There is no better way to make yourself stand out than using an innovative and creative design.

The following are a few trending graphic design ideas that we think can do wonders to your overall marketing strategy leaving an impact that is downright memorable. You can use these designs anywhere whether it is your banner design or even the entire website’s design.

Psychedelic and futuristic Designs:  

Well, this is not a new trend per se, and we saw its dominance in the music and the art scene right from the ’60s till the late ’80s. These are designs that include vibrant colors, contrasting designs, and intricate abstract illustrations that create a psychedelic effect.

You can even use retro-futuristic designs to add another layer to your graphics. These are designs that exuberate a sense of utopia through their imagery and incorporating it into your designs will make you look like you belong to the future.


Symbols have always been recognizable by the general public. Historically symbols were used in directing people or alerting them about certain things that they needed to be aware of. In 2021, you can use symbolism to create a sense of universality in your designs.

Whether it is a banner design or even an entire website’s graphic design, symbols can be added as an extra design element that can make the final output look relatable to the consumers. Symbols are very useful in conveying and transcending important information or messages that might have required a long text otherwise.

Interesting Characterization:

Well, this is one of the most interesting aspects of designing. With the creative freedom and innovative space that is provided designers have a whole lot of things that they could try out. You can literally tell a whole story through your graphic designs and this is one of the great ways to engage the audience.

Interesting Characterization
Interesting Characterization

Instead of using abstract designs, you can design interesting characters to provide a more humane feel driving relatability whenever a user visits your webpage. You can then use these interesting characters in your banner design or advertising to convey important messages and information.

Comics and Pop-art:

In line with the previous point, you can use interesting stories and bright attention-grabbing imagery to encourage immediate involvement from the user. Once the users interested you can then very carefully incorporate specific messages in those designs. This will subliminally transfer important information to customers without them actually realizing it.

Elements of nature:

Now, this type of design is more in line with a more simplistic and soothing dynamic. You can use soft colors with designs that reflect any element of nature, like water, air, sand and etc.

These types of designs are very suitable for the type of products or services that have some natural elements at their base. These types of design are also very useful for products that want to exuberate a sense of calm through their marketing materials.

Now, each of these design trends is only suitable for a few specific types of products. Whatever trend you choose make sure that the color combination, typography, and other design elements are all in line with your brand’s overall identity.