Golfing With a Medicus 5 Iron

Golfing With a Medicus 5 Iron

Golf today is one of the most played games, both as a competitive sport and as a refreshing game for the young and old alike. Golf is basically a club and ball game, where the players use a number of clubs to hit the ball across the holes in a golf course. The lesser strokes taken by the golfer to hit the ball, the better is his performance.

The clubs are the major part of the golfing experience. A golf set is made up of a number of golf clubs which are named differently according to the length of the shaft and the type of clubhead. The longest club is called the driver. Next to it in length come the woods followed by the irons.

Irons are so-called because their club heads are made of metal. The club heads of irons are thin from front to back, and the club faces are grooved to impart spin on the golf ball. Depending on the level of the player, the type of club head of these irons also differs. Irons are further categorized as long, mid, and short irons, depending on the length of the shaft and the lift generated. These are numbered as 2, 3, and 4 long irons; the mid-irons are 5, 6, and 7, whereas the short irons are 8 and 9.

A good golfer knows that golf is all about swings and a good swing only comes from perfect practice. The swings are also related to the type of irons used. The Medicus 5 Iron from the house of Medicus Golf, with its dual-hinge technology, is the best iron for correcting your swings on the driving range. The hinge on the iron flips opens in case you have a bad swing.

The Medicus 5 Iron was designed and created by Bob Koch, an ex-PGA Tour Professional. This has been so designed to help one with the appropriate training required while practicing the swing. This is also helpful in correcting your posture when you hit the ball. The breaking of the hinge of the club is a feature that provides one with instant feedback about their performance; hence it makes way for immediate and repetitive correction.

The Medicus 5 Iron is available for left-handed golfers as well as for right-handed ones. Practicing your golf swings with this club is sure to make your swings more powerful and help you to develop the required momentum. Further, it also works towards correcting the backswing, top swing, or impact zone, or all of the three and is more effective than any other training aid. Are you looking for equipment that will help you improve your golf? Be sure to go to my site to find out more about Hamburg Golf.