Time To Move Over Mangastream Audie Manga


As time passes by time has come that we bid Audie to Managstream. Which has ruled the comic world for a time now. Though it cannot be replaced its rivals have kept no stone unturned to provide a better option for it. All opponents are flexing their muscles to go-ahead in this competitive market. But this would be an uphill task for everyone. Some of these websites have come out with flying colors and made their mark in this industry where the competition is cut-throat. 

Though there is a lot of debate about who would wear the precious jewel crown of being a top manga website. This would in the end give the best options for the manga readers, as the fan following has been increasing day by day.  Not just in southeast Asia but in the western hemisphere also their numbers have incredibly increased. 

Top Five Best Option Currently Available

Below are the five best options available in the market. 

1. Chia-Anime

It is one of those sites which has a very user-friendly interface with no pop-ups to disturb making the reader’s life easy. Though this site has limited material no compromise has been in the quality front of the content. Plus this is an advertisement-free website which makes users’ life uncomplicated.

2. TenManga

One of the highly recommended websites for Mangastream lovers. It has an outstanding interface that makes you fall in love with reading and browning again. Here we can check what is trending or hot manga, New Manga, hot updates. Along with the Top Manga and the latest manga updates. This website embedded a feature “Surprise” which assists readers who seem to be confused with what to read or what new is available to read. This has been a game-changer for this website. 

3. Mangapark

Now we’re talking! This is also our potential winner website with an eye-pleasing interface which has been arranged systematically to lure the readers towards it. It has one feature with sets it apart from others were-in we can read our reading history. Check popular manga updates with the latest manga releases. With a wide range of genres to please enthusiastic readers. To please the palate of the readers check out the different variety of genres sports, tragedy martial arts, adventure, mystery, adult, horror, Sci-fi, webtoons, historical, school life, mature, drama, action and this is not the end. If you are checking the adult content or other content it is imperative to have an account in Mangapark then only they use some option such as marking and discuss systems. For better results use of the chrome browser is suggested. They are still having a lot of things to improve and they are genuinely working on it.

4. MangaOwl

The list is ever increasing but some outstanding website whose name should be mentioned is the Mangaowl site, which has given Mangastream readers a better alternative. Simple but high content describes how we can describe this website. “Must read today” is displayed here also forum has been provided where users can share their views on the read. With an array of genres for display like sports, magical girls, superpower, crime, tragedy martial arts, adventure, mystery, adult, horror, military, Sci-fi, vampires, office, webtoons, historical, incest, school life, mature, drama, action and this is not the end.


This is my personal favorite which has drawn me towards it due to its extraordinary interface which keeps you glued to the screen. Systematically arranged with content that has all the firepower to attract the end-user and keep them occupied making them forget the worldly sorrow for a while taking them to la-la land. Falling short of words to describe this website, I will stop bragging now let the users decided what is good for them.


It seems that  I can write an essay about the option available to all the Mangastream users. 

Manga Town and Tenmanga are high recommended websites to the users. But in the end, it is all about where the readers to which website they feel connected to. As all of us are struggling every to cope-up with everyday challenges these books keep us tensions free and keep us occupied for a while. So what is stopping you all guys get up and start reading?