Work From Home Is Not Attractive Enough

background noise on mic

Due to this pandemic situation, most companies started giving employees the option to work from work.  For most of them, it was music to their years, a dream come true. A lot of guys lot laptop and desktop from companies. They started to attain online meetings.  Now came the big question like how to reduce background noise on the mic, and many such technical difficulties started coming but as in office there is no support staff to help you at. Many people have to sit idle the whole day as the systems are not working. 

Some Drawback Of Work From Home

  1. No Social Life

Working in an office was like 9 am to 6 pm after leaving the office it was just about spending time with family, children, and friends. But nowadays as we are available online to work there are urgent emails popping up every now and then. We can say no reply to that email. So get to see work given on the mail by the client has to get completed. That means working more than 12 hours is not enough. Also, no incentives are provided here or extra payment for doing extra hours. Everything is happening on goodwill, as it pandemic time no employee is a thing of leaving his job that is being overexploited by the companies. That person is much exhausted that he or she does not have time for family.

  1. No Motivation To Work

We miss the boredom meeting where the employee is brainwashed by the management to meet his or her target. Here only motivation is getting up from bed is a big thing for the person. When you get up as per your will and fancy, no shower, not getting dressed working all days on those pajamas and or short makes you feel bored and lazy. Here there is nothing that motivates work looks like a burden that has to be removed. Here family members say help in household work as you are just sitting in the house doing work all day long. This happens just when you just actively getting involved in doing your office work. Your child will say nature’s call and its urgent. Here all the other household works are urgent except the work we are doing in the house. We start feeling less important in the house. There is no way we can feel motivated or inspired during these days

  1. Less Of Teamwork

In studies, it has been found out that work from home has had an effect on creative ability, the results were not so encouraging. When you are surrounded by like-minded people you are intended to be more creative and innovative. Through teamwork it is been said mountains can be moved. If you are working for an organization then with teamwork all difficult tasks could be achieved. When we are surrounded by inspiring and creative people then we are bound to hungry for success and growth.

  1. Prone To Cyber Attack

When you work from home your network can be easily targeted by hackers. As the employees tend to be a little negligent due to this there are high chances of the security getting compromised. If someone tends to use public wi-fi network for work then Oh Boy! It is an open invitation to cybercriminals to do hostile activities. If some of the employees decided to go and work from a local coffee shop, he would sip his coffee and munch on his favored snacks, and attain the online meeting too. In a survey, it was found that 62% of wi-fi-involved security problems have been recorded in local coffee houses or hotels.


Above article will resonate with the thought process which is going in the minds of the people who are doing work from the office nowadays. They are juggling between their house life and office life not able to give their best in both worlds. That is feeling their minds with a lot of negativity and they tend to shower their anger and anxiety towards their work and family. Which is not helping them any way. Going back will make their life more stable, probably they would be filled with hunger in their stomach to perform their best as it is almost more than a year since this pandemic has started. Eagerly waiting for the office to reopen.