Can Biomass Be Our Answer To Our Energy Need


Biomass has been used by human beings for centuries now. It is a form of renewable energy that comes from domestic animal waste or from plants. Green computing is something that is creating awareness about the usage of renewable resources.  

What is biomass

Biomass is something that was once a living thing including animals, farm waste, or cow dung. All of them have some kind of energy as they are organic materials. All of them have observed chemical energy from the sun, when that is used it is called biomass. Trees, agricultural waste, wood products, animal waste, crops, and other things can be utilized as a source of biomass.  Biomass feedstock can be used to create heat, electricity, and biofuel. USA, Brazil, Germany, China, and Argentina are leading in the world for producing biofuel from biomass. Most of the countries want to reduce their dependencies on import of the ethanol so everyone is gearing up the production.

Some Benefits Of Biomass

  1. Renewable

This is a renewable source of energy which what the world needs now, as there is so much pollution around the world the only answer we human beings have is the proper usage of renewable energy. As our natural resources are depleting at a faster rate. Farm waste and animal waste are available in plenty that can be easily utilized for producing biofuels.

  1. Use Less Of Fossil Fuels

Rates of petrol and diesel have been every increasing they are creating so much damage to nature by releasing carbon dioxide in nature. Major urban cities of the world are throttling due to the air pollution take for example Bejing and New Delhi, people of this region are living under the blanket of air pollution their health is at stake. Newborns and teenagers are having a lot of breathing-related issues.

Everyone is moving away from fossil fuels and trying to replace them with some other option. Current options which are available are wind energy, solar energy, biofuel, and tidal energy. As per the geographical location of that country every country is trying its best to get maximum output from them. It would be no surprise that some countries have reduced their dependency on fossil fuels by 10% of their usage. Incoming, time biofuel could replace petrol or diesel but still, that picture is not so clear. As electric vehicles are the choice of the public as of now and they are in great demand as of now. Tesla has played a big role in making electric vehicles popular. Due to Tesla, Elon is now among the top 3 richest people in the world. So that shows how much wealth it would create for someone who cracks the code.

  1. Waste Reduction

Not only biomass is reducing the ever-increasing problem of mankind, but that is also waste is being properly disbursed and some good use of it has been done. That is the double benefit of using this. Waste management is something that has been on the minds of all local bodies handling the urban cities which produce a mountain of waste every day that has to be disposed of properly. Some innovative ideas have help in doing so electricity from waste can be the answer to this gigantic problem. There is no drop in the amount of waste generated by man and animal and plants. Everything needs to be sorted. There is an urgent need to work on this issue that would very helpful for all mankind. Local authorities must take some firm steps to work on these concepts which would be beneficial for both area and nature as well.


There seems to be a lot of work that needs to be done in this area. It is will issue in many areas, if people start segregating their dry and wet waste properly government needs to work from the ground level to create awareness among the public and try to come out with a biomass plant in their area which would solve their waste management problems. Countries like China, the USA, and Germany are taking steps in the correct direction to solve this problem they are reaping the benefits of that too. Other countries need to join the bandwagon as they should not miss this train.