Have Fun With Flowers Even At Night


No one will disagree with the fact that sudden online flower delivery in Bangalore is a treat for the eyes. Most of the flowers bloom during the day to make the garden look splendid and add a touch of color to any function or event!

There is nothing to worry about them not being the same at night though! even though your favorite flower might not bloom at night, there are a lot of others that do and in no time, they will make it to your favorites list!

Here is a list of flowers that bloom only at night and make your garden smell amazing. Send flowers to Chennai online and these flowers will add a charm to all the parties and events that take place in the nighttime, without compromising on the quality!

The Gardenia Augusta

This species of Gardenia grows in a bush with glossy, dark green leaves that are of the most superior quality and can amp up the look of your garden!

The flowers have a signature smell that can be smelled even during the day. But at night, instead of wilting, these flowers give off a smell that is twice powerful as compared to during the day.

Planting these flower bushes in your garden will ensure that your house smells the best throughout the night!

The Evening Primrose

The Evening Primrose is yet another flower that gives off a strong, sweet smell as soon as the sun goes down! Along with the fragrance it gives off, these flowers are a great option to brighten up your garden!

These flowers are available in a variety of shades of pink and white which add a glow of color during the darkness.

The Moonflower

The vines of the Moonflower can grow as tall as 15 feet tall and around 4 to 6 inches wide laden with flowers once they start blooming. This white flower blooms after midnight yet spread its brightness through the dark.

A tip to grow a moonflower in your garden is to get a sapling instead of seeds. The seeds take a lot of time and are a tough job to germinate. Provide the sample with an adequate amount of sunlight and fertilizers and they will grow well.

The Japanese Wisteria

The Japanese Wisteria comes in a range of colors of white and lilac. These perennial flowers bloom after the dust and are pretty visible to anyone strolling through the night.

The only drawback is that it takes many years to even witness the first flower emerging on the plant. So, if you are ready to invest your time in growing these, only then buy the seeds, or else get a plant that is already blooming!

The Tuberose

The tuberose flower holds a special place in every Victorian’s heart! The flower is named so because when it is not blooming, it looks like a long tube. But it blooms to form a beautiful, white flower which appeals to a lot of people.

The rich fragrance is what is most attractive about this flower! This is one of the flower varieties that is used mostly for decoration because of how fascinating it is to the eyes.

The Night Phlox

This is the oldest flower on the list, having been discovered and published in gardening books in the year 1935! The Night Phlox plant grows as tall as a foot in height which makes it a great plant as a border of your garden.

This purple and white ombre flower make for beautiful decorations since they are the most bloomed at night! The entire plant of the Night Phlox can be placed and it will still grab attention.


The nicotiana plant is the flowering species of the nicotine plant used to make tobacco and cigarettes. These white flowers open only at dusk and look magnificent in any garden because of the brightness it provides!

These flower plants reach the height of around 4 to 5 feet and also give off a mild scent just like a freesia.

With these flowers available for all of us to choose from, it is now possible to use flowers for events that are held at night. Jazz up your garden even at night with these flowers and order flowers online today!