What is the Solution to Some Common Problems with File Converters?

File Converter

Converting files is a part of almost everyone’s life, whether they have IT jobs, freelancers, students, etc. There are hundreds of thousands of file-converting software scattered all over the internet. How to choose the one that suits you? Where to look for the best file converters? All of these are questions that pop into our heads when we set out to convert files. Allegedly, all the file converters available on the web claim to be the best but are they really as good as they are perceived to? No! Not at all.

I am currently working as an accountant and before that, I was a normal IT student overwhelmed with programming assignments, presentation projects, anything else you can imagine about a student’s life was probably happening to me. It was about that time I got into converting files because of all the projects and assignments I was overwhelmed with. One of the biggest problems I had to face was that none of them could fulfill all of my requirements altogether. I always had to keep switching to different converters for different types of formats of files, some couldn’t support the file size, and others only allowed a limited amount of conversions that could be made in a day. Most turned out to be demo versions that were available for free but to get the full version you’d have to buy monthly/yearly subscriptions and for a student who is earning nothing, that’s his lunch money they’re asking for. I wasn’t able to find a single solution (converter) for all kinds of file conversions, one that could do it all for me. In this review, I’ll explain the perfect solution that I found myself but can help a lot of others like me.

In search for a free solution?

One day on a drive, I randomly told an old friend about the problem I was facing with converting files lately and coincidentally he had faced the exact same problem in the past and recommended me! It was love at first conversion. A lot of my colleagues and interns ask me for recommendations in regards to different software, file converters are the bulk of them. All of them explain the same problems monotonically and when they finish, I give them the solution of their life and that’s why I have so many friends in the workplace, lol!

One of the biggest features this online file converter beholds is that it supports file conversions in 90 formats altogether, which makes it perfect for a workplace or even individuals who tend to use a variety of formats. Secondly, a unique feature it has that allows it to stand out from other file converters is that it provides unlimited conversions in a day, there are absolutely no limits, you can convert as many files as you want to without a hurdle. Last but not least, they also have no limits for file size as well, anybody can convert as big or small a file whenever they want to without a hassle.

Another cool thing about is the interface it has on the site. It is one of the smoothest and most efficient, easy-to-understand interfaces. A newbie who has no experience with converting files can easily use the software because it’s that easy. It also provides instant file download which saves you a lot of time. I have been using the software for over five months now and I still haven’t noticed a bug in my converted files. Other unlimited file converters tend to have many bugs even for the formats they support, this used to make me so frustrated because then I’d have to check every single file for bugs and remove them manually but this software has no bugs at all. On top of all that it’s completely free!

The Most Secure File Converter

For obvious reasons, we all have trust issues with online service providers. Most of them compromise your data security by keeping logs of the procedures that run through their software, and if somehow your vital information falls into wrong hands it can be misused up to a very extreme extent. To avoid this I tend to research the services before using them personally. In the case of online file converters, the bulk of them uses Server-end technology for maintaining the network, on which sustainable software can run. This way they keep logs of the conversions made through and have access to all the files a user puts through their online file converting software. uses a browser-end approach to maintain the network and also their software’s efficiency and by using this method they do not have access to private files and can’t compromise data integrity.

One-Stop Shop For File Converting!

The main reason I’m writing this review is to help out people who are looking desperately for a solution to all of their file converting problems. To sum it up, I’d say is a literal one-stop-shop for file conversions because it can do everything you can ask from a file converting software. To put the cherry on top of the cake I’d it is the best online file converter out there and it’s completely free. In the future, if they ever decide to start a paid version I’d opt for it without wasting a blink.