Cat5 Vs Cat6 Cables, what are the Differences?

Cat5 Vs Cat6 Cables

Cat5 and Cat6 cables are intended to interface PCs, network hardware, and gadgets to modems, workers, and switches. The interest for higher data transmission has expanded throughout the long term. Subsequently, so has the advancement of these Ethernet Network Cable. More current cables have been laid to the IT business and more prominent capacities, like better execution and decreased crosstalk.

Cat5 and Cat6 have normalized deformed pair cables utilized for Ethernet and other systems administration establishments. But, picking the appropriate one can have a significant effect on the speed of your web. Cat5 and Cat6 both link your PC or system to a floppy disk. 


Cat5, called category 5, is a normalized bent pair that links network gear, PCs, and different gadgets to switches, systems. It comprises four sets of curved copper cables that are ended by an RJ-45 connector. This Ethernet Network cable must be coordinated in a particular way. T568A and T568B are the guidelines for the command of the cables.

Because of the considerable development in innovation, these cables have gotten pretty much old. To stay aware of evolving times, another rendition of the cable called Cat5e was delivered. This can uphold about 100/1000 Mbps at 350MHz, while the Cat5 cable can defend simply up to 10/100 Mbps at 100MHz. Cat5 and Cat5e cable are, for the most part, utilized in homes and little workplaces. The ‘e’ in Cat5e means ‘enhanced. The at5e network is intended to work quicker than Cat5 and decrease crosstalk by a vast sum. In contrast, Cat5 doesn’t handle crosstalk issues by any means.


Cat6 was delivered four years later Cat5 came into the market. Cat6 cable is used to interface PCs and different gadgets to switches, modems, and systems. Cat6 is accessible in two editions Cat6 and Cat6a. Both these forms are quicker and more improved when differentiated with Cat5 and Cat5e Ethernet cables. Cat6a cable shields around 328 feet. This settles on it the ideal decision for huge businesses. Unexpectedly, Cat6 is suitable for private use as the distance covered is essentially lower than Cat6a.

The distance across Cat6a cable is about 0.250, which is more extensive than Cat5 and Cat5e. A more extensive cable permits more measure of information correspondence to stream throughout a particular time frame, which is also quicker. Aside from this, Cat6 handles crosstalk issues outstandingly. This is because of its thick check plastic packaging. The Cat6 cable can deal with about 1GbE transmission capacity of 250 MHz, while Cat6a cable can deal with up to 1GbE at a 500MHz transfer speed.

The transmission capacity (Bandwidth): 

These two Ethernet Network cables are normalized wound pairs that utilize copper cables; both vary drastically in transmission execution. The fundamental difference between these two cables is the all-out data transmission accessible on the cable. Cat5 is restricted to 100 Mbps speed; Cat6 can go as around 10 Gbps, a more solid particular for private portions.


Both Cat5 and Cat5e cable work at 100MHz, which was perfect for past patterns. However, the further developed Cat6 upholds around 250 MHz frequencies, which is essentially quicker than the past determinations. In Contrast, the Cat5e cable sticks to the 1000Base-T/TX, Cat6 covers to a lot quicker 10GBASE-T standard.


Cat6 cable uses a heavy check plastic packaging that can navigate long intervals without interrupting the signals, accordingly decreasing crosstalk issues which would restrict the past Cat5 arrangements. Cat5 isn’t the perfect framework to handle crosstalk problems. Also, the rates are kept up at long spaces without influencing the quality speed.

In reverse Compatibility:

Cat6 is in reverse viable with Cat5 and Cat5e, so you can have no compatibility problems due to Cat6, representing more than 90 percent of cable establishments of present-day networking foundation.

Future basis:

Cat6 cable is the coming perspective of an organizational framework that holds to the most elevated particulars to future-evidence any business foundation for quite a long time to arrive. When it comes to Cat5, it is an old framework of the network cabling that was previously the base of private structures. Enormous scope innovations need a more tough organization setup, and Cat6 conveys that.


With regards to Cat5 and Cat6, there’s no correct decision. The cable you pick will rely upon your work necessities. Cat5 has for some time been the “best quality level” of cable and still does the work. If you are glad about your present web speeds, this kind is incredible.

Cat6 cable is a further developed variant of Cat5. It was intended to stay aware of the continually advancing innovation. Cat5 is fantastic to apply in homes, workplaces, and other minor areas. In comparison, Cat6a cable is intended to make sure of huge distances. This frame is ideal for modern and enormous scope utilization.