Here are the top 5 thriller movies in Bollywood you should never miss watching

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Right from the period of black and white movies to the current colorful seasons, we have been coming across the iconic suspense and thrilling stories in the Bollywood movies. The storyline of the top suspense movies had hooked till the last end and you just cannot move away from the place until it gets over. Now you can watch these iconic movies in Vidmate that allow you to enjoy the uninterrupted way of experiencing the suspense until the end of the movie.

Here is a list of top crime movies list that gives you the gist of story line and you should add them to the list of movies to be watched:

  • Kahani

This is one of the most thrilling movies in Bollywood and the storylines about Vidya Bagchi and her efforts in searching for her husband who is missing. The storyline is strong and keeps the viewers gripped towards the movie. The cinematography of the movie is appreciated as it is impeccable in portraying the character of the crew in the city of Kolkata. With these highlights, the film has received 5 awards.

  • Darr

This is another romantic thriller movie in Bollywood produced and directed by Yash Chopra. With the assembling of the cast of Shahrukh Khan, Sunny Deol, and Anupam Kher, the movie considered to be the top suspense movie in Bollywood. The highlight of the film is that the film plays the best negative role and the story moves around Rahul obsessed with the heroine of the movie. With the new turns across the movie, the film keeps the viewers engrossed and intense the thrills in very clips towards the end. It is renowned as it receives two film fare awards and is one of the finest performances of Shahrukh.

  • Trapped

The movie is considered to be another suspense and thriller combination released in 2017 with the cast of Rajkumar Rao, who gets trapped in his apartment rented recently. The hero gets disconnected from the outside world as he does not have the current and charge in his mobile. With the very few characters and dialogues, the movie has taken the story to another level and ensures to keep the viewers intrigued at the end of the story. With the all-new concept, the movie has won three film fare awards.

  • Mardaani 2

The movie is the best with the thrilling experience and the heroine Rani Mukharjee is back with a bang. The movie trailer provides goosebumps that increase the thrilling experience of watching the movie directed by Gopi Puthran. The movie is all about the killer who is a rapist and kills the young girls and women in the city and Rani has played the role to put an end to the killer.

  • The body

The movie is in the great level of thrilling experience directed by Jeethu Joseph and with the best body stars, the movie reached great heights. The movie is all about the body that is missing, and Rishi Kapoor investigates underway. This is sure to be a never-miss-watch movie to be added to your wish list.


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