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20 Essential Ways To Step-Up Your Instagram Engagement


People who use Instagram for business will understand, it’s not just a platform to save the cutest products or brand pics, it’s a powerful marketing tool to build your brand and construct a strong online audience.

Instagram has great potential for ROI; moreover, it has one billion monthly active users. Anyway, to garner the reward, you don’t need people but want Engagement. Engagement refers to collecting views, comments, shares from your audience. It is a sign that your content is resonating with your audience. Engagement is compelling when you receive it from real people who you are taking care of.

You may doubt yourself that Engagement is essential on social media; of course, yes. Let me clarify that getting more Engagement shows your content, creating big impacts among your audience. Next, it’s the essential factor for Instagram algorithms to boost your newsfeed content, which attracts more new eyes. 

What is the good engagement rate? Depending on your social media goals, it may vary. Actually, it’s measured by receiving interaction for your post.

In this article, you will be getting some tips to boost your engagement rate. 

Let’s get started,

Know About Your Audience 

Without knowing your target audience, it’s a bit difficult to create content for them. Once you fix your target audience, you need to get their demographics. With the help of your target audience demographics, you can define your content types, brand voice, posting days, and time. If you collect more information regarding their preferences, interest, which helps to target them easily. 

Be Real & Authentic 

People on social media always expect the brands to be more real and genuine. Just remember, your content must be authentic, don’t pressure yourself to create a more polished or scripted one. Being yourself is essential to impress your target audience because this is what people want from you. Share more information about your brand that people have never experienced before, which helps your marketing campaign look organic and effective. For instance, you can shoot behind-the-scenes and post on your Instagram stories with catchy captions to pull audience engagement.

Upload Stunning & High-Quality Pictures

You all know that Instagram is the stage of the visual medium. Hence it’s crucial to upload stunning images with good quality, which makes your content stand out from the newsfeed. To add a little oomph, you can use editing software tools, which are available online.

Posting great images will hold the audience’s attention and increase your engagement rate.

Utilize Instagram Reels  

Reels is the brand new feature on Instagram, which joined this platform in late 2020. Reels allow the user to shoot and edit multiple short clippings videos along with audio, other special effects. Since it’s new, it will get more boosted in the newsfeed when compared with regular videos. So, when you create videos on reels, you will receive more Reels likes for Instagram and gain an engagement rate. Hence it is time to embrace reel features, to receive tons of Engagement for your account.

Post Carousels 

Posting Instagram posts with multiple images will lead to generating more engagement rates. Carousels have the power to entice your audience; also, the research study shows that these kinds of posts will get three times more engagement than standard posts.

Embrace Video Content

Do you know? Video content is not only engaging but also eye-catching. On top of that, video content attains a 38% of engagement rate than images.

Try to post lots of videos in your account; some may assume that creating a video will need more, but actually not. When it comes to videos, you don’t need scripted content. Just take the camera, shoot it, edit it, post it. 

Write Appealing Caption  

Creating worthy captions is essential to grab the audience’s attention. On Instagram, you can add up to 2,200 characters, 30 hashtags. Your caption must reveal a story behind your post you posted. Make it easy and engaging; at the same time, don’t drag it if it’s not necessary. A good caption will lead to increased audience engagement and encourage them to post a comment. 

Build Sharable Content

By adding values to your content, you make your audience save that particular post. When people save your post, it will boost your engagement rate a little bit. You can even highlight your complex content like tips, how-to videos, along with add call-to-action. It makes your audience revisit your content later.

Do More Live 

Live streams are actually a great way to connect with your audience, share your thoughts, and build Engagement. Do you know? Nearly 80% of people prefer to watch live videos. Hence try to make life as engaging as possible. 

Post Captivating Content 

Avoid posting the same kinds of content, instead pour some varieties of content. You can try polls, contests, questions, quizzes, giveaways to make your audience engaged. 

Share User-Generated Content 

Social media is not a one-way street, it’s a conversation medium. Ensure you engage and connect with your fans. One of the excellent ways to value their presence is by reposting their content. When people mention or tag your brand or content, you can repost their content on your feed. Sharing their content will encourage others to tag your brand or content in their post.

Build Customized Stickers & Filters 

You can highlight your brand by creating custom filters and stickers, which are available in Instagram stories.

Sephora launched a special AIR filter for “holiday beauty Q&A,”, especially for their makeup fans. As a result, they build their brand awareness and construct strong communities. 

Interact With Your Audience 

When you give instant replies or responds to your audience’s questions, comments, it makes them recognized and valued. Moreover, it influences others to comment on your post; thereby, you can build a good conversation.

Do More Experiments  

Only by experimenting with different kinds of content will you know what works for your brand. One of the benefits of social media, you can get instant results whether your strategy is hit or flop. 

Consistency Is Matters 

The more you post, the more opportunities you give your audience to engage with your content. Try to post content regularly to keep your feed fresh and energetic. Posting time also matters; figure out your audience timing and publish your content accordingly.

Share It On Multiple Media 

Sharing your Instagram post or placing Instagram handles on multiple media helps drive traffic to your account. Make use of Twitter, YouTube, TikTok to get more eyeballs to your content.

Make Use Of Trending Topics 

If you spot any particular events or holidays that are trending, try to grab that opportunity and participate in that conversation. Those trending topics will give you immediate Engagement.

Be Active On Instagram Stories 

Instagram stories have great potential to get incredible reach. More than 62% of people said that they are really interested in brands or products after seeing them in stories. With the help of Instagram stories, you can easily spark conversation with your audience.

Add Catchy Call-To-Action 

If you want to generate an engagement rate, then add a catchy call-to-action. By including call-to-action, you can expect more likes, shares, and extra responses from the audience. 

Utilize Hashtags Wisely 

Using the right hashtags on Instagram, you can get more traffic, build buzz. When it comes to hashtags, be thoughtful and strategic to reach specific communities or industries. Take part in trending conversation and branded hashtags campaigns to receive tons of Engagement and brand reach.

Winding Up

I hope you all enjoyed this article; sure, these tips will guide you to boost your engagement rate. When it comes to Instagram to generate Engagement, make use of all features and effects. Spend time to know how the platforms work. 

Author bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.