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Best 10 Tips For Every Amateur Chef Should Know These Crucial Skills

Best 10 Tips For Every Amateur Chef Should Know These Crucial Skills

There is an increasing demand for professional chefs across the globe. Food is an intricate part of our lives and cooks undertake the very task of preparing and presenting a positive and fulfilling eating experience.

Chefs are in charge of overseeing the food preparation and food production at places where food is served on a regular basis. Chefs may be hired for catering events, to work in restaurants or local food joints, to work in hotels or even private residential places. Best chef hiring in Dubai is known for having top-class cooking skills across all age groups, both male and female.

One of the most crucial elements for acquiring standard cooking skills is to enjoy the very process of cooking. Cooking skills not only help meet food consumption needs but also cater to the nutritional requirements of individuals. A good cooking skillset allows humans to remain health-conscious and make decisions regarding food as per their nutritional guidelines.

Cooking skills are important to master and the process should start preferably from an early age. If you are aspiring to be a chef or willing to begin to learn how to cook, it is important for you to acquire both hard and soft skills for effective management of the kitchen. Best chefs hiring in Dubai are encouraged to continuously hone and update their cooking skills.

In this article, we shall look into some of the most vital and fundamental dexterities necessary to become a qualified and successful chef who can command the kitchen staff proficiently.


Cooking is both an art and a scientific process and being a chef one needs to have an eye for all those details that make up a good recipe.

If you are starting out in the kitchen, it is possible that you might feel overwhelmed and overpowered with all the things that need to be done. Remember that this is something very natural. It is alright if you feel intimidated. The key is to keep practicing to get better at what you have started with.

It is never too late to start figuring out how to whip up a good recipe, explore your culinary desires or get into the best chef hiring in Dubai professional world. Whatever the case, it is important to learn the cooking techniques that really help you to put a dish out and excel from an amateur and novice chef to a confident professional in the kitchen.

Let us dive in!

Sourcing Quality Ingredients

Getting your hands on ingredients might seem a very easy step but there is more to it than just picking up what you need. It is actually an art to traverse the market with comfort and confidence and choose the best of every food ingredient- from chicken to spices.

The very first step is to become familiarized with the local butcher shop, the dairy aisle, and the grocery outlet. Whether you are an amateur chef or a home cook, it becomes very important to stack up the essential items like yoghurt, beans, garlic, olive oil, and other cooking components in the kitchen.

Fundamental Knife Skills

The second important aspect of the culinary techniques involves basic cutting and chopping skills that need practice and more practice. Right from getting a correct grip on the handle of the knife, knowing the blade information in detail to acquiring knowledge about its sufficient maintenance, knife skills must be learned carefully and attentively.

Any culinary school will begin with this step as it is the most frequently tested skill for best chef hiring in Dubai job interviews. Consistent practice is the only way to master this particular skill.

Four Essentials of Cooking

Along with navigating the supermarket and the grocery store and appropriately holding and using the kitchen blade in addition to other different kitchen instruments, it is important to master the four basic elements of cooking- salt, fat, acid, and heating temperature. In order to establish your culinary aptitudes, it is important to grasp the correct usage of these elements to take your foundation to the next degree. The four aspects of cooking are known to provide the basic flavor to your dish, generate the perfect texture and balance the flavors.

Moreover, one must bear in mind to spend sufficient time in the kitchen to practice these craft techniques and improve their skills.

Preparing the Stock

There are several dishes that involve the use of a good and flavorful stock. These include soups, pasta, stews, and a variety of other preparations. To become a credible chef, it is crucial that you try to master preparing that delicious pot of stock.

Learn to Read Recipe

The beginning to any good dish is to read the recipe carefully and patiently. A recipe that is clearly written is easier to follow and more inspirational for amateur cooks. It is important that you pay close attention to both the sections of a recipe- a list of ingredients and steps to be followed.

Remember to read the recipe before you start out in the kitchen to avoid confusion. It can be difficult to cook and try to follow the recipe at the same time. It’s always better to take a moment and study the recipe to avoid forgetting ingredients or simmering the dish for too long.

Expertise in Eggs

Eggs are a basic essential when it comes to food preparation and every chef or home cook must try to ace making eggs. Though intimidating, techniques for cooking different kinds of eggs can be learned and practiced. You are taught how to poach it, boil it, and fry it to offer a beautiful and fulfilling experience for your guests.


Seasoning and flavoring can create a great difference to the dish you are preparing. Flavors help to make your preparation taste good and leave an impact on the mind of the consumers. Sprinkling the correct amount of salt and adding a generous amount of pepper to your carbonara sauce can create wonders for your pasta preparation. Make sure to measure out before adding the grounded nutmeg, the smoked paprika, crushed cumin, and other seasonings.

Roast the Vegetables

The next important culinary skill is to know how to broil and roast the vegetables so that they remain tender and retain the flavor. Cut them into modest pieces. Make sure to preheat the oven at the correct temperature and season the vegetables with, salt, pepper, and lime juice. Pay attention to the time needed to broil different vegetables. For instance, mushrooms and broccoli take less time to roast when compared to carrots.

Cook the Rice Perfectly

Preparations like rice and quinoa are very basic but need to be taken special care of when preparing them. The measure of water, the amount of heat, and the time for cooking must all be taken into account to make that perfect pot of steaming rice. Different rice comes in different grain textures and the aforementioned steps vary accordingly.

How to Knead the Dough

Whether you are a pastry chef or a sous chef, kneading the perfect dough is something that every cook has to learn. It is an inevitable task when you enter the kitchen. Be it a flatbread or a loaf, the consistency while kneading the dough needs to be accounted for in order to present that light, fluffy and flavorful bread.


The above-mentioned skills are a few of the basic skills that one must learn, practice, and master for becoming a well-established chef or a good home cook. For best chef hiring in Dubai, one must acquire the skills of searing the protein and mixing cocktails as well. Last but not the least, it is vital to maintain safety when working in the kitchen. Practice the skills and you shall become a confident culinary artist.

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