Impressive Lifestyle Habits for Excellent Well-being

Impressive Lifestyle Habits for Excellent Wellbeing

Leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle is always recommendable by the best lifestyle designer. Indeed, you can’t change the environment around you much or alter your genes. But making right and intentional choices when it comes to taking proper diet, physical activities, sleep cycle, alcohol consumption, and smoking can significantly reduce your health risk and add years to your life.

People’s priorities have changed in today’s world, and most people want to lead healthy lives. In America, millennials top the chart with 51% of the millennials looking for healthy food, followed by 45% of the gen x and gen z population.

The world population now understands the downside of having a poor lifestyle and fitness. Poor fitness increases the risk of premature death by 52%; the person may be susceptible to diabetes, as there are 39% greater chances of developing diabetes. The risk of heart diseases also increases by 26%. Thus, the world is moving towards a healthy lifestyle, and this article will help you in your journey. It contains 6 lifestyle hacks that have the proof to impact your health positively significantly.

  1. Get an adequate amount of uninterrupted sound sleep

Getting a sound and uninterrupted night sleep is the first on our list because people tend to forget its importance amidst looking for tips on a healthy diet and exercise. But, sleep is something that impacts life expectancy to a great extent, as found in several studies. The relationship is although a U-shaped curve, which means too little or too much sleep, raises morality issues. When sleeping, our body repairs itself; it regenerates old cells, fixes the damaged ones, eliminates waste, and makes memories. Many diseases affect our sleep like sleep apnea, you should consult a doctor when your sleep pattern changes because this will affect your health also.

  • Consume a Well-Balanced Diet

A healthy and balanced diet is the key to having good health. It helps reduce the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, hypertension, and many more. Certain diseases and conditions have a direct link to a lack of proper nutrition. Now you must be wondering which diet to follow and which is not because there are many available on the internet. Most of the best lifestyle designer suggest following a diet that is accessible to you geographically and economically. Eat a diet with all the nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, fiber, minerals, etc. don’t avoid any nutrients. Include veggies, meat, eggs, milk, and eat a rainbow of colors.

  • Regular engagement in physical activities

Physical activities don’t always mean hitting a gym or joining an athletic club. Sometimes it can be as simple as washing your windows, mowing the lawn, gardening, leisure swimming, and more. Giving 30 minutes of your day to physical activities regularly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, reduces the amount of bone loss associated with aging and osteoporosis, and many more. Physical activities are cost-effective ways to improve your health, and you will enjoy them simultaneously. This will help you get motivated in regular engagement with them. 

  • Maintain a healthy BMI (Body mass index)

Obesity is often considered the cause of a shorter lifespan and many chronic diseases. But being slightly overweight is not considered obesity. Being somewhat overweight does not affect your longevity, and for people aged 65 or above, it is preferable to be on the high side of the norm rather than the low side. But what is the right body weight is not a tuff question. Proper body weight is following the body’s height, and this ratio is called Body Mass Index (BMI). Some data suggest having a BMI of 19 to 24 is considered to be normal. So try to stick to this.

  • Say no smoking and chewing Tobacco

Smoking tends to cause over 400,000 deaths per year in the United States alone. If you want to live a pleasant life for however long you live, stay away from smoking or chewing tobacco. It causes many fatal diseases, which include many types of cancers. In women, smoking accelerates wrinkling, and for men, it is not just arteries that get affected that are responsible for blood circulation. Still, studies have shown there is a significant association between smoking and erectile dysfunction.

  • Limiting your alcohol consumption

There is hype over red wine and longevity, but alcohol as a whole should be consumed in moderate amounts only. If consumed in a cautious amount, it reduces the chances of heart diseases, but this is also limited to some cases only. So our suggestion is to avoid alcohol as much as possible.


The concept of having good health is vast and not limited to these 6 mentioned steps. Best lifestyle designers suggest health is physical and includes mental, social, and spiritual health. You should live your life to the fullest and have the perseverance to face and win against anything life throws at you.

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