Outstanding Benefits of Using Custom Perfume Boxes in the Cosmetic Industry

Perfume Boxes

Custom perfume boxes – Perfumes have become the most important part of the cosmetic industry. The fragrances are inevitable and are a part of our daily lives now. Perfumes are not a necessity but are becoming mandatory. It is a luxury product for the upper class. The perfume manufacturers are working day and night to bring out the best and some companies are ruling the world with their exceptionally intimidating fragrances such as

•           Caron Poivre Chanel

•           Calvin Klein

•           Hermes 24

•           Mark Jacob

•           Dior

Creators are playing with the designs of perfume boxes. For a perfume to explicitly speak about its excellence it demands to be packaged in the most unique and customized box. The packaging world has been revolutionizing from simple plain basic white boxes to colorful customized boxes.

Benefits of Custom-made Perfume Boxes

In this competitive era where the perfume quality to be good enough is not sufficient to get the maximum sales the boxing should be crafty and captivating too. The packaging of the perfume should be delicate like the bottle itself. The custom perfume boxes make the product stand out among others. A brand, if struggling to steal the limelight which they deserve should consider better packaging options for getting all the attention in the world. The customized boxes increase the number of sales of a brand as they are the speaker for the quality product. Eye-catchy boxes make every person stop and stare at the beauty of the product.

Free Design Support for Exquisite Printed Packaging

We have solved the mystery of how to make your perfume box unique. We offer customized perfume boxes with free-of-cost design support. The graphic team is making the experience of packaging better every day. Printing is the vital most step in the process of creating the eloquent perfume packaging box. We print the boxes coherently with the color patterns and flavors. The custom boxes wholesale could have a floral graphical representation to make the product even more appealing to the audience. Font size and description should be distinguished from other brands. The logo can be embossed or debossed. The printing options are available from CMYK to mono-color printing. The box can have a glossy or matte finish with the respective lamination. The UV spot treatment is done for the enhancement of features. AQ coating is done for the protection of print quality and lets the printing be water-proof.

Diverse Design Options

Boxes are not customized with the unique printing only but the design modification leads to the exclusive presentation box for perfumes. The perfume boxes come in the following designs and can be modified even more

•           Reverse tuck

•           Front tuck

•           Straight truck end boxes

•           Lid & base type boxes

•           Drawer type

•           Clamshell box type

The sizes are highly transformable and the boxes can be made fancier with a gold foil box. The box can be turned into a more creative shape like a diamond, pentagon than the usual cubes. A transparent window cut could be a game-changing version of a custom box that would allure the customer over the charismatic perfume bottle even without opening the box.

Free Shipment

Our company knows how tiresome the shipment process is and likes to share the burden with the brands. We help the company with energy optimization by offering free shipment worldwide. The shipment is reliable and safe.

Efficient Customer Sales Representation

We have ingrained a highly vigilant team for answering the queries 24/7. The customer sales representatives are efficient and ensure the best communication among the designers and the clients. We struggle day and night to make the whole buying experience smooth and beneficial for you.

Biofriendly Packaging

Our company manufactures custom perfume packaging boxes with eco-friendly material. We owe this responsible attitude towards the world. The replacement of plastic with cardboard, kraft, and boxboard is done by our company to save the earth from other hazardous effects. The boxes are lighter in weight and can be conveniently disposed of. The boxes upon disposal, with the slow action of bio decomposers, are converted into soil.

Affordable Price and Wholesale Discounts

The aromatic nature of perfumes makes them most popular among the audience. The box we craft from scratch with premium quality packaging material is a big catch for all the renowned companies. We offer top-quality custom boxes at the most affordable prices. We further offer discounts on wholesale buying as it leads to the reduced handling time. Wholesale buying leads to an extra profit margin for the companies.

Maintenance of Premium Quality

Quality maintenance is important for the brand to live up to its reputation. Awareness of the audience through digital and social media has enabled them to be the judge. Our customers are conscious about the quality of the product as well as the outlook and presentation. We create boxes with all the specifications which meet the criteria of being a top-notch quality product. Boxes are made up of strong material which enables them to hold their form even under pressure. The boxes keep the fragile perfumes inside safe from impurities and moisture and avoid them being broken.


The custom perfume boxes have revolutionized the packaging of perfumes. Delicate and fragile perfume glass bottles need attention and care for packaging. CustomBoxesZone provides a solution to all your problems and craft exquisite customized perfume boxes to tempt more customers for improving the sales of a brand. The boxes are one of their own and the company will own the copyrights for their product. Free graphic design support with enchanting color scheme printing is offered in various styles and designs. We provide our valuable customers with free shipment worldwide with no hidden charges. The minimum number of orders is 100 and we give discounts on wholesale purchases. Customization of boxes offers elegance at affordable prices. We value our customers the most and the satisfaction of customers is mandatory for us. We offer the best services with the fastest turnaround services in 4-8 working days. We are struggling to get more intricate and latest designs of top quality for our loyal customers.