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Why you should consider email hosting for your professional emailing

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By far, we have been enjoying the benefits of technology and has made our lives easier. There have been technological solutions in the past wherein, we have benefitted from multi-tasking. 

Coming back to the amazing technology of hosting your professional emailing just like dedicated hosting for your website. There are many free cloud servers to host your professional emails. But is it beneficial to host your professional emails with a free VM cloud hosting server?

Well, businesses get intimidated by the free cloud service providers that provide free email hosting services along. They earn through website hosting and sell free email hosting along with a website hosting plan. But when you have so many affordable email hosting services that can guarantee dedicated service for all your professional emails, then why taking the risk.

Some companies hesitate to spend extra on an email hosting service. This is just because they are unaware of the advantages of an email hosting service.  

Benefits of a separate email hosting domain

There are many reasons for not opting for a free cloud server for your professional email. with the same hosting domain as your website.  A free email hosting service seems intimidating but is not a very great bargain. There are risks involved as a lot of business is carried out through professional emailing. 

Here are the reasons why you should consider an email hosting service-

  1. Putting all eggs in one basket is never a good idea– Putting all eggs into one basket has always turned out to be a bad idea. The same is the case with hosting your website and professional emails. As your business grows, the importance of professional emailing becomes important exponentially. Business emails store all the routines, notifications of your business transactions, client requirements, etc. To manage all of this, you need nothing less than a dedicated emailing platform. In the scenario of your website hosting domain crashing then you will be losing all your emails also. It will be like a catastrophe losing the website data and client information all at the same time. A dedicated email hosting platform will save your business from such catastrophic events.
  • No need to go through the hectic process of migration- Nothing can be more haunting than the process of migration. Changing domain names, adding email accounts, etc. Our day-to-day tasks of business emails. Making constant changes becomes difficult when your business email is hosted with the same hosting provider as your website. The process becomes even more hectic when your website is going through migration. Your business starts getting hampered as client emails and demands get sidelined during the time of migration. Also, if you are thinking of migrating your website you would want your emails to be backed securely. With the help of a professional email hosting service, one can switch domains in order to keep their business emails up and running.  
  • You get 24*7 reliability– Businesses thrive when all their assets get 24*7 reliability. Thus, emails also need a hosting platform from where they can get world-class reliability. If your business email goes down for a day, the overall losses can cost you an arm and leg. An email hosting will look out for your emails 24*7 as they guarantee specific and dedicated support. There is no email downtime when you have such a reliable hosting platform and a guardian for 24*7. Hence, give your business emails the reliability of an email hosting service and watch them grow.  
  • Web-hosting platforms do not have the email hosting functionality– Hosting providers that are specialized in hosting websites always design their hosting plans accordingly. Although they provide free email hosting but don’t guarantee the required software and expertise for the same. But a stellar email hosting service is the best solution for your business emails. Also, when they host hundreds of websites at a time, it becomes impossible to dedicate time to your business emails. Business emails are of great relevance for your clients and employees, thus must be hosted on a separate hosting platform. Email hosting services promise dedicated software and the required bandwidth to support the growth of your business through email marketing.  

Well, these were some most important benefits of hosting your email separate from your website. But this is not the end of the story, there are many additional benefits when we start working in the real world. Additional features like automated backups shared calendars, and extended file storage is something you get unasked for.

So don’t restrict your emails to the same hosting provider and limit the growth of your business. An affordable email hosting service is the best platform to put your trust in your business emails.   A professional email hosting plan will require some initial investment, but results are assured. You will see value getting added up to the revenue and increasing trust with your clients. You can drop down your queries regarding email hosting. Our hosting experts will come up with one of the best solutions.