Finding the best courier service in London for your business

best courier service in London

When it comes to selling products online, you need to join hands with a reliable courier service to grow your business. You should make sure that they provide a positive experience so that your customers get the items delivered on time, and your business sees the growth it deserves. In fact, if your customers are content with the delivery experience, you’d get repeat customers and you’d end up creating a good reputation online.

But, how does one compare courier services? People have a common notion about courier companies and treat them all the same. But the reality couldn’t be beyond the truth. Find out what shoppers expect and find out if the courier companies you’ve been talking to, have businesses vouching for their services. We’ve created a checklist to help you find a reliable courier service in London.

Tips to find the right courier service for your business

Here are a few factors that can help you figure out whether the potential courier service would be able to meet your delivery expectations or not.

  • Speed of delivery: The time it takes for your customers to get the product after placing an order has a significant impact on the reputation of your business, and may even affect the overall sales in the long run. The happier the customers, the more likely are they to again buy your products. People generally expect an item to get delivered within 3-5 days maximum. However, if competition is high, you should try to get it delivered within 2-3 days.
  • Size and weight limitations: The size and weight of the products you sell should decide the delivery partner you choose because not all courier companies deliver heavy items. Due to the extra cost of delivering big items, find a reliable courier service in London that has the right tools and vehicles to handle such big consignments.
  • Proof of delivery: If your products don’t reach the customers on time, you’d definitely have unhappy customers to deal with. Thus, always go for courier services that can offer proof of delivery, so that you can rest assured knowing that they’ve been working as intended, and you’re meeting your customer’s expectations. Find out if your shipping partner offers features as parcel tracking and is good at meeting deadlines. Some courier services go a step further and send a text to the customers, letting them know of the exact date and time of the delivery. This enhances the overall shipping experience.
  • Customer service: In spite of the fact that your business has no role in the delay in deliveries, your customer will still hold you accountable for it and not your delivery partner. Thus, though the customer service of the courier companies isn’t something you have control on, it’s wise to opt for a courier partner that follows a customer-first policy and offers great customer service. It’s worth noting that the only face-to-face interaction your customers would have with your business is through the courier agent, and so, working with a professional courier service is always a wise move.
  • Cost to value: As a business owner who sells products online, you might be aware of how delivery costs for shipping can quickly escalate, and thus work out your delivery cost against the value provided. You can do so by going through online reviews or by sending out a quick survey to customers asking them about the shipping experience. While it’s understandable for business owners to keep their overhead costs low, opting for a cheap courier service doesn’t pan out well, as they are more likely to hurt your sales and reputation.

Key takeaway

When it comes to finding the right courier service in London for your business needs, talk to a few different service providers and make a quick comparison checklist. This would come in handy in choosing the one that best meets your requirements, and at the same time has experience in handling on-time deliveries of products from other businesses as well. If you can offer a reliable and on-time delivery experience, customers would start believing in your products and will be more likely to recommend your platform to others, thereby boosting your business bottom line.