Guide to septic tank maintenance in Visalia

tank maintenance in Visalia

Replacing a septic tank is a costly affair and thus, proper maintenance of the same becomes paramount to keeping it healthy and functioning properly. In fact, if taken proper care of, these can last up to 30 years or more. The more proactive you are in its maintenance, the longer it will last. For those who don’t know how often they should rope in Visalia plumbing experts to get the system pumped, it all depends on the size of your household, the size of the tank, the number of solids inside, and the total wastewater generated. However, as a general rule of thumb, any average septic tank should be pumped every three years, however, if it comes with mechanical components or electrical float switches, it should be inspected more often.

The dos of septic tank maintenance

  • Perform regular maintenance: To keep the septic tank fully operational you must have a professional Visalia plumbing expert inspect it periodically or at least once a year. Household septic tanks should generally be pumped every three years, but your plumbing expert would be able to offer a better idea depending on the state of the septic tank at your home. Such inspections are a great way of prolonging the lifespan of the septic tank.
  • Maintain the drain field: To maintain the drain field, never plant trees around the septic tank as the roots of the trees may bump against it and even damage it. You should also refrain from parking cars over the drain field as it exerts pressure on the septic tank system.
  • Use high-efficiency appliances: According to experts, efficient use of water can improve the working of septic tanks. The more water you waste from leaky toilets and washing machines, the more water would enter the system thus leading to drain field flooding. The easiest way of avoiding such a scenario is to use high-efficiency appliances that use about 50% less water than traditional forms of appliances.
  • Keep maintenance records: Keep all old maintenance and inspection reports handy whenever you hire a Visalia plumbing service to get your septic tank serviced. Inspections have detailed reports on leaks, scum levels, and more, all of which can be of use during maintenance. If damage is reported, your plumber would bring along an experienced repairman to get it fixed at the earliest.

The don’ts of septic tank maintenance

  • Don’t send junk down the pipes: The more junk you send down the pipes, the more you would damage the septic tank. Hence, to make sure that you do not clog the system, try not to dispose of cooking grease, fats, or coffee grounds down the disposal.
  • Don’t flush items down the toilet: Avoid flushing anything down the toilet except toilet paper, which is designed to break down and dissolve once inside the septic tank. Even if some products are listed as ‘flushable’, try to avoid flushing them down the toilet. Some of the common products that shouldn’t land into the septic tank include feminine hygiene products, wipes, diapers, dental floss, and cigarette butts.
  • Don’t hire repairmen who aren’t qualified: Work with only reliable and professional Visalia plumbing services, who have the expertise and experience in handling septic tank problems and maintenance. If you are looking to hire a local repairman, find out if he is a certified technician.

Key takeaway

How does one find out if the septic tank is falling apart? Well, if you smell a bad odor coming from your septic tank, or sewage backing up into the home, it can be a sign of a clogged septic tank. Another common reason for septic tank failure can be its design! If it’s located someplace with a high groundwater table or inappropriate soil, it can be inundated with water from outside or from the rising water underneath. This is why regular checks and maintenance always come in handy. Always let an experienced cleaning crew or plumber handle septic tank issues.