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Over the last many years, responsive website designs have taken the world by storm – transforming the way people run their business online. Responsive designs make websites more mobile-friendly and enhance the way it looks on various portable smart devices – both small and big. A good design is great for grabbing eyeballs and visitors end up spending more time on the site, thus boosting your search engine ranking.

What is responsive design?

In simple terms, responsive design is a process that automatically scales the website, including its content and other elements, to match the size of the smart device. This makes the site presentable across a wide array of devices – of all shapes and sizes. Any good San Francisco creative agency would ask you to opt for a responsive website design to avoid unnecessary zooming, resizing, scrolling, or panning. Moreover, a site that doesn’t follow the responsive design principle often ends up irking potential customers as it fails to load properly. By following a responsive design principle you’d no longer have to work on a dedicated mobile website, as your website would automatically match the size of the device it’s being accessed on.

Benefits of having a responsive business website

It was back in 2015 that Google first announced that being mobile-friendly would factor into the overall search ranking of websites, and thus every San Francisco creative agency recommends following a responsive design principle. Here are a few benefits of having a responsive business website.

  • Cost-effective: Maintaining separate websites for your business – one suited for mobiles and the other for non-mobile devices, can be a hassle and is very expensive. By using a responsive design for your website, you save money by eliminating the need for a separate website for mobile devices. A single website is enough to cater to your customer’s needs across all devices.
  • Flexible: Following a responsive design for making websites allows developers to make quick changes to the website whenever needed. If you have a separate website for mobile phones, you’d have to put in double the effort to bring about the same changes, thereby making non-responsive websites obsolete. Thus, flexibility is of great advantage when you want to make minor design tweaks or fix typos.
  • Better user experience: The design of the websites play a crucial role in grabbing people’s attention and instilling a sense of confidence in others using your website. If someone accesses your website from a mobile device and your site takes forever to load, they’d likely move on to your competitors. No one likes an unprofessional website/ business. Thus, by following a responsive design principle, you can make sure that your site has an inviting UI that not only sends out a positive vibe but also loads quicker, and is easy to use.
  • Search engine optimization: SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a strategy used by businesses the world over to land higher in Google’s search rankings. The closer you are to the top, the better are your chances of reaching potential customers. By allowing your San Francisco creative agency to follow and implement a responsive design, you actually give the website a fair chance of breaking into the top tier of websites in search rankings.
  • Ease of management: E-commerce websites are complicated and thus, making changes to them can be a hassle particularly if you also have a mobile website to implement the changes to. By having a single website for everything – one that follows a responsive design, you actually save on time, money, and other resources. Once your website is up and running, you can focus on the marketing bit, without having to constantly worry about two websites.

Key takeaway

A recent study revealed that about 60% of people do not visit a site again if it doesn’t load fast enough or doesn’t show the right information or products as intended. Thus, an overwhelming majority of internet users prefer websites with a responsive design. It gives the sites a clean and uncluttered look, thus heightening the shopping experience.

Get in touch with a reliable and professional creative agency to work on your website. It would bring about a noticeable change – one that would increase your business potential in no time.