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Top Reasons your Health Insurance Claim is not being Settled Fully

Health Insurance

Health insurance is a vital part of modern living. After the pandemic, there is a rise in people exploring trustworthy health insurance schemes. Even you might be searching for the best health insurance company in India.

Many people skip buying health insurance schemes due to misconceptions. One of the big reasons is that insurance companies do not settle individual claims. However, there are valid reasons for such claim rejections. It is essential to be aware of the common reasons to know why the claims get rejected.

Reasons your Health Insurance Claim gets Denied

Here’s why health insurance claims get rejected:

Inaccurate Information

For health insurance, information from an individual generally includes:

  • Pre-existing health conditions
  • Details like weight, age, height, etc.
  • Medical bills

Trusted health insurance companies like ManipalCigna health insurance verify every bit of data. Thus, it becomes crucial to provide accurate info to your health insurance company.

If the company finds any discrepancy in your claim, rejection is inevitable.

When purchasing health insurance, always check the list of diseases, tenure, and other information.

Failure to Renew

In general, the best health insurance companies in India offer one-year medical insurance.

After this period, you cannot apply for an insurance amount. Hence, it helps if you keep an eye on the renewal date. Most people file a claim after the expiry of their medical policy.

Eventually, the company does not settle this claim. So, renew your insurance before expiry and pay less premium amount in the future.

Failure to Attend Medical Tests

Most insurance companies suggest timely medical testing to individuals. This testing keeps a check on pre-existing diseases.

However, if you fail or overlook these suggestions, the company can deny your claim. Generally, reputed plans like ManipalCigna health insurance guide people in this process.

Still, you must take these tests seriously. After all, you can get timely suggestions from the health experts too.

Failure to Update Nominee Details

Another top reason for failure to avail an insurance claim lies in negligence.

If you fail to update the nominee information, a company can reject your claim.

The nominee receives an entire compensation amount after a sudden death. Hence, it is paramount to fill in the nominee details carefully.

Overall, remember to:

  • Mention a beneficiary
  • Update the KYC as required

The best health insurance companies in India always ask for nomination details.

Medical Conditions Exclusions

Every well-defined policy like the ManipalCigna health insurance covers a specific illness. A company can deny your health insurance claim if:

  • Your disease does not fall in the policy coverage
  • You fulfill exclusion conditions
  • You have a pre-existent disease of specific intensity

Hence, it is vital to read the terms properly. After all, your search for the best health insurance company in India will contain multiple options.

Health insurance claims get denied due to a lack of information or misinformation. However, if you follow all the terms correctly, health insurance can prove vital for your family.

So, always provide complete information to the health insurance company. Thereby, you can avail the benefits of a good health insurance policy.

Manipal Cigna is one of the best health insurance companies in India. On the Bajaj Finserv plan page, you can learn more about the ManipalCigna health insurance policy. Always remember, health is the priority!