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Depression and its effects on men’s health

Depression and its effects on men’s health

Men’s health is a critical issue across the world as is women’s empowerment. One must be wondering why not women’s health is more discussed? Well, there is no specific answer to that it is just that media people find it interesting to introspect about men. But men have one problem that majority of the women don’t have and this is the reason men become more prone to disorders.

And that is ego, temperament, or anger whatever you may call it. According to various medical researches doctors concerning men’s health that out of 5 American men 3 of them were mental patients. This clearly shows the extent of destruction caused to men’s health over the period.

One such disorder that is making the situation worse is depression. It is a mental illness that is often treated because people think it is just a hoax. But if not treated within the time you become a mentally unsound person. Depression not only affects you mentally but even sexually as well. In depression taking Fildena, Cenforce 100, or Vidalista 20 Pills is a common task. You become incapable of satisfying the sexual needs of your partner distressing both her and yourself.

Why does depression occur?

Well, there is no specific reason why depression occurs there are many. It is a state of mind where you become alone and does not like to be present in social events. You blame yourself for all the misfortune that had occurred to you. And the reason it is called depression is that the person in that situation does not share his problem with anyone. Therefore, the stress levels keep on rising until a point where an explosion occurs.

Family Conflicts

One of the most common reasons for depression according to psychiatrists is the family problem. Everybody has little or more problems and clashes in the family but not everybody becomes a patient of depression. The reason is the level and extent to which it goes. There should be someone in the family that acts as a mediator to lessen the effects of the clashes.

Workplace environment

Often in the workplace, we do not get people of the same mindset and wavelengths as us. But in the office we have to work together, this results in verbal clashes. For the security of the job, you cannot take extreme steps but the only complaint to the boss.


In the age of social media, this is one of the most dangerous after-effects of the internet that has come in news. It involves making morphed images of someone and making it viral. Spreading fake news about a person and making it viral. Sometimes too many people or a group of people target a person and send abusive chats. It involves all such activities that can harass a person in the digital space. Often such activities transmit from the digital world to the real world as well.

Effects of depression on men’s health

Now, the above reasons are not the only ones that can cause depression. But they are some of them which are most abundantly found. Now, depression is not a pain in the hand that it will not affect your hand but it engulfs the mental space of the person. Hence, the effects of depression are more severe:

Decreased sexual performance

This is no mystery that depression patients have a worse track record when a satisfying woman is considered. The reason is the lack of sexual drive in them due to unsound minds. It is common and no rocket science, observe yourself that when do you get the urge for sexual pleasure? Do you get the want for sex when you fought with someone? No. The drive for sex comes only when the person is free of tensions and worries. Therefore, getting sexual needs is impossible in depression.

Hence, the partner of depression victims is also dissatisfied sexually. Sometimes this reason is big enough for divorce and extramarital affairs in such relationships. So, poor performance in bed is inevitable in a depression situation.

Suicidal thoughts

In depression as earlier discussed though the victim may live with the family, he is always alone. He becomes isolated and loves being alone. And when you live alone your thoughts are of varied types. You get an affection for drugs and other addictions because for you the real world is harsh. On the other hand, addiction gives you the escape to your dream world full of desires and fantasies.

And many times, this fantasy is of getting out of this world by death. Therefore, suicidal thoughts prevail in your mind. At that time more than medicines the support of family members is needed.  You can get more detail at, about men’s health care.


It is the result of men’s ignorance towards his health instead he is always concerned about the accumulation of wealth. It is time that we give more importance to mental health like any other health problem.