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Best Food Podcasts for Home Cooks in 2021

Best Food Podcasts for Home Cooks in 2021

Cooking is a great hobby for any food enthusiast out there, it is an important life skill. Many people prefer home-cooked meals rather than fast food as a healthier choice, fast food is not meant to be eaten on a daily basis. Most of the meals offered in fast food chains or restaurants are fatty and contain various food additives to enhance flavor and even color. Though nowadays we see a lot of food trucks whose main goal is to serve healthy yet delicious dishes, it is surely a good sight to lay on, there are a variety of cuisines served in food trucks too, spreading the flavor of different foods from all over the world. Traditionally, women being the homemakers of the family are also talented in cooking meals for their family, thus even family recipes live on for generations to come making family roots grow stronger. The same goes for street food owners, as most businesses are run by an entire family.

Now, the culinary world is full of new and interesting products, there’s the trend of combining two different cuisines into one bombastic fusion, a recreation of simple meals into Michigan star dishes, and the list goes on. Food and cooking have become an integral part of mainstream culture, it brings people from all around the world closer and is a universal language altogether! The social media platforms are also responsible for food trends such as food porn-making, cooking hacks for beginners, food challenges like the spicy ramen challenge, and overall diversification of cuisines from all over the world.

Speaking of online platforms, podcasts have taken a whole new level in entertaining audiences and listeners. There are shows on drama, fashion, lifestyle, gaming, stories, and now even food podcasts have joined the band. This is especially exciting for home cooks with new dishes and tips to learn the chosen podcasts are the best,

The Kitchen Counter

Extremely useful with simple steps to offer, the Kitchen Counter delicates its time to instruct the listeners with step-by-step directions. The host Roger also divides the episodes into two sections, one for the dishes and the other for cutlery and other equipment needed in the kitchen. The scale goes from beginner to experienced cook. The entire podcast is planned out for an easier way of dealing with both sides of cooking, the appliances, and the food goes hand in hand as always.

Green Eggs and Dan

Dan Ahdoot is a comedian, actor, and chef who hosts Green Eggs and Dan. Every episode begins with collecting all the ingredients found in the fridge, a somewhat spontaneous take on cooking a meal on the spot. He introduces the refrigerators of fellow comedians, actors, and chefs and opens up funny stories and instances. It is ever more present to begin a conversation in a delectable manner.

Home Cooking

This is an eventful break for listeners as Samin Nusrat and Hrishikesh Hirway join hands to tackle home-cooked meals during the worldwide pandemic. It is a mini-series with a chef and a podcaster, in that order, building a balance of learning and fun for the audience members. We understand that ingredients may come in short during the lockdowns and coming and going becomes restrictive, so this makes for a great way to be resourceful with the available ingredients and hopefully make something different from the everyday meals we experience. find out here to hire an expert cook in Dubai.

The Sporkful

Dan Pashman is an award-winning host and a journalist whose channel had seen daybreak during 2010. Topics filled with trendy twists and fun experiments Pashman has got a lot to talk about and the fun doesn’t just end there, we get insight into common food topics from a different set of perspectives.

Local Mouthful

Joy Manning and Marisa McClellan are both writers in Food in Jars and host home cooking podcasts from simple food hacks to reviewing products in the market. Their podcast is a mix of interviews, spitting food facts, and casual conversation starters for home cooks. It is as the name suggests.

The Splendid Table

Francis Lam, award-winning host and food journalist joins the listeners in his podcast The Splendid Table. The episodes are filled with conversational topics on food. Lam brings more to the table than discussions on food, there are interviews with experts, the ever-engaging community forum, and his good ol’ sense of humor.

Tanya’s Table

Tanya Holland is a chef and has spent much of her professional life in restaurants and has got a knack for both cooking and working in a professional kitchen. Her past experiences as a chef and author have deemed her well suited for her spot and there are interviews hosted by Holland in her food podcasts. She brings in topics of culture, food, and more with her guests too.


Gastropod is co-hosted by Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley and they are much like the riddlers of the food world, enticing listeners with never before heard stories and questions concerning food! It is a trivia blast for listeners to be entertained with mind fuel on various everyday food items and ingredients. Each episode has some shared history, science, and humor.


Bridget Lancaster hosts Proof and the podcasts uncover so much more than testing and reviews on kitchen equipment and appliances. There is always a fun twist of chilling history and uncommon cooking gadgets in the episodes. Much of the topic covers the past and present tales of appliances and food made from it, it is a fresh take from just simply stating the pros and cons of appliances and equipment made for cooking.


The podcast is co-hosted by Andrea Ballard and Stefan Kohn, their locations may be different but that doesn’t stop the duo to record food episodes they most enjoy, it has a mix of light-hearted anecdotes and good humor. Their episodes are filled with fun and interesting projects varied in cuisine and taste from different countries. find out here to hire an expert cook in Dubai.


Home-cooked meals are a healthier alternative rather than ordering fast food, unless there’s a healthy option it’s best to stick with cooking. There are so many ways where one can learn how to cook. There are television shows with the main theme as food and cooking, which brings a whole new aspect to cooking and competition. It has much better-spirited sportsmanship!

If you are looking to hire a chef, find out here to hire an expert cook in Dubai. Provided you have the budget set right, hiring a chef can be a good idea if you are stepping back from cooking or you are in search of a recruit. There are many options available, even staffing agencies may come in handy for this but it is always better to search for chefs on professional profiles or community forums.