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Best 9 Ways to Spruce Up Your Health at Home

Best 9 Ways to Spruce Up Your Health at Home

“Your body is a temple” – as many of you have heard this popular saying, another one mentions that you are what you eat. Both sayings are true and should be followed when it comes to deciding ‘what’s healthy’ and ‘what’s not healthy for my body’ the body is a structured form where if one part fails to function the rest automatically fails too, it is interconnected within each other. So say if your body is severely dehydrated, this may cause your skin and hair to feel unhealthy which would lead to susceptibility to rashes or skin aberrations and even high amounts of dandruff and hair fall, yikes!

Taking care of your health is a major factor in a vital life as your physical state is, directly and indirectly, rooted in your mental health. Having a lack of certain food can increase the chances of deteriorating your mental state as studies show. To have a well-balanced meal is a great achievement in itself, nowadays there are too many unhealthy shortcuts taken by a larger part of society it consists of fast-food chains, harmful diets, bodily malpractices, and the list goes on, sometimes the idea of modernity is misjudged by a few and causes mass perception. Medical services try to find the most suitable staffing through the best recruitment agencies healthcare.

On the plus side, there are many ways through which you can spruce up your health, even from the comfort of your house. Read the following tips to know-how

Sticking to The Sleeping Habit that Suits Your Body

As we all know, sleep is a way for the body to recharge itself. Your body requires at least 7 hours of restful sleep if you’re an adult and 8-10 hours for early teenagers. The circadian cycle or rhythm is the body’s biological clock and determines the overall balance of your body’s status on sleep and wakefulness which repeats every day. Some tips to get more peaceful sleep,

●          Drink a glass of water before you sleep, now this may be the complete opposite of what you usually do if you have a nervous bladder that wakes you up at night. If so, try to drink ample water an hour before you sleep.

●          Even eating slices of cucumbers before sleeping seems to work and have the same effect

●          The position you sleep in is important so that you don’t wake up with tense muscles and cramps

●          Reduce the use of screen time or cut off-screen time an hour before you sleep, it is said to greatly reduce the effect of blue light which restrains the production of melatonin. This hormone is key to get a good night’s rest

●          The same goes when you sleep in a dark room where there is little to no light, this decreases the chances of disturbing your sleep schedule.

Add Whole Plant Foods in Your Daily Meal

As mentioned before – Your body is a temple and it requires a balanced mix of vitamins and minerals otherwise you may face a severe lack of it. Foods like fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and legumes have a higher value in nutrients and antioxidants, which is indeed a good defense against harmful pathogens. As we know, antioxidants help in reducing inflammation, it is caused by free radicals. Free radicles are unstable compounds that tend to build up in your body and gradually inhibit inflammation. Long-term inflammation causes serious health issues such as Alzheimer’s, some cancers, and heart diseases.

Whole plant food is rich in fiber which feeds the microbiome present in your gut, they are healthy bacteria. A well-fed microbiome greatly influences your body’s immunity and keeps harmful pathogens away from your body’s intestinal tract. Moreover, fruits and veggies are naturally rich in vitamin C which has its fair share of benefits

There’s a Thing Called Healthy Fats

In food items such as olive oil and salmon, we find healthy fats that can boost your body’s metabolism and response towards pathogens as it decreases inflammation as well. There are levels of inflammation- the lower one is normal when the body is under stress or has an injury whereas a higher one suppresses the immune system.

Healthy fats found in olive oil are said to have anti-inflammatory fats which decrease the risk of heart diseases and type 2 diabetes along with building a defense against common bacteria and viruses. Omega-3 fatty acid as found in salmon and chia seeds do the same

Fermented Food or Probiotics

Probiotics are found in your digestive tracts and fermented food is rich in these beneficial bacteria. Foods such as kimchi, kefir, yogurt, natto, etc. are rich in probiotics. According to studies, a well-rounded network of gut bacteria heightens your immune system and helps to better differentiate between a healthy and unhealthy organic particle.

Consume Less Additive Sugar

In order to avoid diseases such as obesity, cutting down added sugars and refined carbs is the way to go! Obesity is a harmful condition caused by the presence of excess fats in the body system, it further increases the risks of different illnesses. Reducing added sugar intake helps decrease high levels of inflammation and works well to lose some weight. This helps reduce chronic diseases such as heart diseases and diabetes.

Do Regular Exercise

Moderate exercise is said to boost your immune system and it is also noted that it helps with the effectiveness of a vaccine. Intense exercise for a long period of time is not encouraged as it surprises your immune system. Having a routine of moderate exercise can help reduce inflammation as well, it also improves the regeneration of cells. Moderate exercise can last up to 30 minutes daily on a weekly basis, aerobic exercises like cycling, swimming, jogging, and walking are recommended.

Drink and Hydrate

It is important to rehydrate your body every couple of hours, otherwise, it hampers your daily activities. Cases of frequent headaches, weak muscles, mood, digestive processes along heart and kidney functions are all affected by the amount of water you drink on a regular basis. These are basic functionalities that greatly affect the potential of other diseases. Pale yellow urine is a good sign that you are drinking an adequate amount of water. There’s no specific timing dedicated to drinking but to have a glass of water whenever your mouth feels dry or when you are doing some physical activity.

Managing Your Stress Levels

Stress and anxiety levels and maintaining them are important for a healthy immune system. As stress and anxiety take a toll on the mental state too much of it can cause negative results. Normally, a low level of stress is required to maintain a healthy mental state however, a suppressed state of stress leads to unhealthy conditions and lifestyles. Try activities such as writing down your daily lifestyle, yoga, meditation, and even therapy work.

Pick Your Supplements Carefully

Picking off supplements off the shelf won’t be the best way to go, in fact, it is better to consult with Heath and dietitian experts about the matter. First, assess your body type and metabolism the determine if taking supplements are required with the advice of a medical professional.


There are many ways through which one can improve their immune system. However, a monthly general checkup is also recommended. Find out the best recruitment agencies in healthcare if you are interested in finding medical recruits.