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BEST VPNs To use in 2021

Use once best vpn for pubg

If you are looking for the foolproof facility of VPN and want to know how to get the best and safest quality of it, then you have opened just the right page. Here, we will discuss the best VPN service provider of the year 2021. Before that, let’s just take a brief look at VPN and why anyone should use it.

VPN or the virtual private network is software that allows the user to surf the internet in an anonymous zone. It diverts the location of the IP address to an entirely different city or even another country. Hence, it is useful for users who want to defy any kind of internet censorship or in most cases, just want to use it in complete privacy.

Different VPNs providers

Here, we will provide a list of 3 amazing VPNs and then try to find out the best amongst these.


The first one is NordVPN. It works on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux. Coming with a trial period of 30 days, the total number of servers it has is 5200, which are located in 80 diverse places and 59 different countries. Also, it supports up to 6 devices at once for its use.

With such vibrant features, it is hard to look beyond this brilliant VPN service provider. Moreover, the security it provides to its users is AES 256 which is quite impressive, you can still use the option of switching on its double VPN system. The benefit of this is that it encrypts the incoming traffic twice before it reaches you. Hence, in layman’s terms, it is like using a double lock for a door.

Surf Shark

The second one on our list is Surf Shark. Just like NordVPN, it works on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux. It also has a trial period of 30 days and its servers are located in 100 diverse places. The total number of servers it possesses is 3320 which are in 65 different countries. One thing in which it gets ahead of NordVPN is that it can support an unlimited number of devices at once, unlike NordVPN which supports only 6 devices at a time.

However, there is one place where it might miss out on with others is its speed. While its immediate compatriots have raised their server speed, Surfshark is still falling into the category of good speed. This is surely one area where they can look to go better.


The third one on our list is ExpressVPN. No prizes for guessing that it also works on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux. With server locations in as many as 160 places and 94 countries, it supports a total of 5 devices at once. Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, and Hulu are the streaming sites which it has unblocked.

Its encryption according to the standards of the industry and various other protocols like IKEv2 and OpenVPN keeps the data safe from all kinds of danger. However, it is its light way protocol that is proving to be a catalyst in fastening its speed and reliability.

The additional features of it include P2P support and a Kill switch to go with its no-logging principle. Also, they provide brilliant service of customer support which any user would love to have to solve their queries.

Ivacy VPN:

It is one of the most affordable VPNs available in the market. 

So which is the best VPN to have?

In our opinion, ExpressVPN is the best VPN for PUBG. It’s just its features to go with its affordable price and a great customer support system that helps it pip the other two, just about.

How to Choose The Right VPN?

When it comes to choosing the right VPN, there are few things to consider in mind. VPN surely has tons of benefits but to leverage these benefits, you have to find the right VPN service that fits your needs. If you don’t know how to choose a VPN that provides utmost protection, do not need to worry. Here are the easy tips to pick a feature-rich VPN that safeguards your online assets and keeps you away from hackers or trespassers.

  1. Figure Out Why Do You Need a VPN?

You are not going to purchase the first thing because bargaining and negotiation are the important traits of a buyer’s qwerty. The same applies to VPN. First, find the reason why you need a VPN then search per your needs.

  1. Check Each VPNs Qualities

There is no one-size fit. Each VPN is designed exclusively to meet certain demands. For instance, some VPNs are good for security while others are good for server block.

  1. Look at the Compatibility

There is no point in paying for a Premium VPN if it is not compatible with your device. Since all the devices have different contablity requirements, you must gauge through the specifications of two or three VPNs and shortlist the right one.

  1. Choose a VPN with Easy Interface

Tools are designed to simplify the process and ease the life of the users, then why should VPNs be hard? Make sure the VPN you choose has an interactive interface so that you can use it for your goods, even if you are not tech-savvy.

  1. Make sure it offers a money-back guarantee

Though most VPNs provide a money-back guarantee and if you are currently in try and buy mode, we would suggest you be strict about this feature.

That’s how to find the best VPN. Hopefully, you will make a good deal with this guide.

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