Top 7 VGA to HDMI Converter

VGA to HDMI Converter

VGA (Video Graphics Array) and HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) are both cables that can assist in transporting video to the monitor, TV, or any screen. The plus point of science tech evolution is how it refines technology for the better. VGA is an older successor of EGA and CGA interfaces, transmitting plain video to the screen, whereas HDMI is the latest tech for both audio and video through one cable. VGA and HDMI have some core differences in appearance as well as resolution of the video. The devices that use VGA today have comparatively poorer resolution than the ones that have HDMI sockets and cable access. VGA was a computer element way before it was introduced to gaming consoles but the companies released PlayStation2 HDMI adapter and Gamecube HDMI adapter soon. HDMI has upgraded in its position transmitting various sorts of signals to devices.

The Seven Best VGA to HDMI Devices 

The gadgets, adapters, and converters hardware engineers have designed, sold online, are reputable mini devices to attach with old VGA inputs and connect HDMI with it! The HDMI cable has far smoother graphics, high-quality audio, and high digital signal compatibility between devices. Electronic manufacturers have found methods to convert VGA to HDMI through such devices that can convert high voltage and low-quality video signals into the range of HDMI capability. The following top converters are worldwide famous. 

Benfei VGA to HDMI Adapter 

Rated 8 out of 10 stars online, the Benfei adapter serves a stable transmission chip inside the adapter to convert VGA signals to HDMI ones. The cables are oxidation-resistant and dissipate heat energy out in seconds. The stiff adapter has anti-wear properties that can prove long-lasting. Supporting both audio and video, the adapter has input in VGA and output in HDMI. The adapter works best with Windows Software. 

Foinnex Convertor 

The sleek convertor gadget fits in hand being slim and small yet budget-friendly at all costs. It is the cheapest alternative to long heavy cables. The most convenient point of the convertor is it is easy to use with its two additional mini cables supporting aux and power alone. The connectors are pure gold with a micro USB input option as well. It supports up to 1080p at about 60Hz while being easily portable. The video-audio synchronization is beyond smooth quality! Due to no hassle of cable connections, the complex design of the USB and audio input port serves as a double feature transmitting sound from the VGA setup of the PC. The pocket-size of the converter serves more than just a wide range of compatible devices to choose from. 

QGeeM Convertor 

Another converter in a range that fits 8-star reviews online is of the QGeeM company that serves a converter device at a cheaper rate yet with strongly built chip settings with gold plated connectors fittings. The model supports the same as the Foinnex adapter, 1080p at 60Hz, and has the capability to stream HD quality video from any ancient monitor to your HD TV through the basic HDMI input socket. The device has two additional inputs after the main VGA input, that of USB and audio. The converter is compact and has a bold design with labeled ports for use. 

GANA Convertor 

If you are looking for a cubic and clean setup converter for converting VGA into HDMI, then a GANA cube serves its level best! The only requirement is a VGA cable before you plug it into the PC’s VGA port. It is durable and long-lasting for years and when the cable gets damaged, you can simply replace the cable instead of the entire adapter. A plus point that many adapters lack. The GANA company serves HD picture resolution along with audio without any mess on the desk of cables. It is similar to small converters due to its portable and miniature design. 

ESynic VGA to HDMI Converter 

Similar to other convertors, it also supports 1080p HDMI resolution and converts to HD audio from analog signal for sound. The converter is gold plated of both the VGA and HDMI plug-ins attached to a converting device. The device has a USB port out at the front as well. Other than the basics, the converter is sharper, carries stable signals without any sort of transmission loss. The 2 in 1 feature of the USB port offering power charge and audio at the same time is the best convenience. It keeps the workplace and laptop ports clutter-free. No need for installing any software to update or upgrade the device. 

OnTen 1080p 

As the name suggests, it serves supreme resolution of video graphics from the VGA-oriented computer screen, projector, laptop, and TV. The device is portable, small-sized, and has the access to a USB and audio cable for a smooth sound. The OnTen Company serves user-friendly and plugs and plays options for all its devices. The brand has customer service open 24 hours for queries regarding their converters and adapters. The quality of the converter gadget is corrosion-resistant and durable, with speedy data transmission. It supports 720p, 1080i as well as 1080p for any PC. 

Cable Matters Adapter 

Cable Matters Company has great converters and adapters, still in stock online. They have a high star rating due to the wide range of compatible devices and amazing reviews. The device is portable, easy to use, gold-plated, highly durable with digital USB audio accessed through the Windows’ sound menu. The device has the capability to induce an HD TV picture without distortion. 


All the above-mentioned converters and adapter devices have the same function; however, they differ in design, elements, and one extra feature that makes them special. The electron manufacturers and software designers find the latest methods and techniques to induce in their gadgets just to keep the old devices in use. If your converter is not working, then better check the compatibility factor. Other than these brands, locally made VGA to HDMI convertors can have fitting and chipset malfunctions. Consider long-term investment to save budget from frequent shopping of gadgets.