11 Best Places to Get Free Kindle Books

Kindle Books

What is a Kindle book?

A Kindle book is an electronic book (in the. Mobi format) that can be read on various devices, including Kindle eReaders, Kindle App for Android, Kindle Fire, Kindle App for iOS, and Kindle cloud reader. Here are 11 places from which you can get free kindle books.

 11 Best Places to Get Kindle Books for free

1. Amazon’s Free Kindle Ebooks

Hundreds of free eBooks are available on Amazon, which you can download and transmit directly to your Kindle.

They’re in the 100 best Free section of the website. There are subsections like Short Reads and Nonfiction Singles, as well as dozens of genres like History, Parenting, and others, that you may click through to find your next kindle books.

2. BookBub

When you search for a book on BookBub, you’ll get a summary, a cover photo, and occasionally the publication date.

Most of these titles are also accessible through other sites such as Apple, Google, and Kobo; thus, links to other sites are included with the Amazon link. If you sign up for the daily newsletter, these links will be emailed to you.

3. eReaderIQ

eReaderIQ may appear to be a standard free eBook site, but it has several unique features that make it a must-visit place for anybody seeking free Kindle books.

Because all of the books are updated hourly, you won’t miss any of the limited-time deals. When new Amazon books are added, you may also receive notifications.  

You may check through categories and arrange the results by newest, rating, and minimum length, making browsing a breeze. You may limit the results to only new books added in the previous 24 hours, since midnight, or since your last visit.

4. BookBoon

Are you a student in need of excellent materials for your essay? Then BookBoon is the website for you. It has over 1,000 free PDF ebooks for you to download. Famous university professors prepare these books, so you can be certain that they are not only random but also trustworthy.

There’s a good chance you’ll find anything you’re searching for here, whether it’s an instructional textbook or a business book. To get free Kindle books, create a free account and begin downloading your picks.

 5. Librivox 

Are you as enthusiastic about listening to books as you are about reading them? Why don’t you give audiobook services or Librivox a shot? Thousands of free audiobooks are available, whether you’re seeking modern or historical titles.

Volunteers from all around the world read the majority of the content on Librivox. You can listen to audiobooks on iPod, computer, or other mobile devices. Additionally, you may burn it on a CD for storage.

You may also find your way around the website without difficulty. You may narrow down your results by author, title, genre/subject, and language.

6. ebook daily

Who says it’s difficult to get free Kindle books? When you click on a free book on eBookDaily, it instantly directs you to the Amazon store, where you may download the book to your smartphone with only one click. You don’t need to connect your Kindle device or send the E-book to your Kindle email address anymore.

If you join up for the service, you’ll receive daily notifications about three new free Kindle books in various categories, including romance, mystery & thrillers, non-fiction, and more.

7. BookGoodies

BookGoodies has many free Kindle books that you may download to your device. You’ll have many alternatives, including drama, paranormal, women’s fiction, and more.

While BookGoodies provides free ebooks, some are only available for a limited time. The availability of each ebook may be seen in its description.

If you sign up for the BookGoodies newsletter, you’ll get free and discounted books delivered to your inbox. Author interviews and special material are also included in these newsletters. You’ll also be notified anytime the site has a reader giveaway.

8. Overdrive

Overdrive is a great place for getting free Kindle books. It allows you to borrow free Kindle books from your local library, as long as they have a subscription.

If you use Overdrive, you may check out books in the same way that you would at a public library. It will be rented to you for a few weeks before being automatically deleted from your Kindle at the end of the loan term.

9. Open Library

Without Open Library, a list of the best places to get free Kindle books would be incomplete. Open Library strives to make all published works open to everyone around the globe, as the name indicates.

10. Feedbooks

Another specialized website for obtaining free Kindle books is Feedbooks. Thousands of ebooks are available in both the public domain and original (current) categories.

Books are accessible in various languages, including German, Italian, Spanish, and, of course, English.

 You must establish a free account to obtain free Kindle books. 

Regarding the user interface, Feedbooks has a simple and user-friendly web design. That is, all of the books are correctly organized into two categories: fiction and nonfiction. 

11. Project Gutenberg 

Project Gutenberg has over 60,000 free ebooks available to read on your Kindle.

Because you won’t be able to download the books straight to your Kindle from the website, you’ll need to be familiar with an ebook management tool like Caliber.

We believe that is a little amount to pay, considering the site’s hundreds of titles that are not accessible anywhere else. The disadvantage, Project Gutenberg does not include the most recent ebook releases.


These websites have something amazing to offer every time you visit them, whether you’re seeking free Kindle or Nook books. So, what do you have to lose? Now is the time to get your free Kindle books and start traveling to new locations, thanks to the magic of reading. You won’t need a passport or tickets; all you’ll need is your e-reader or mobile device.