All You Need to Know About a 6.5kW Solar Panel System

Solar Panel System

With the ever-increasing popularity of solar power as the best investment, a significant number of households and businesses have started using solar energy Penrith to meet their electricity needs. So, if you are planning to use this financially and environmentally sustainable energy, you probably know how overwhelming it is to choose an ideal solar power system.

When looking to install a solar panel system at your residential or commercial establishment, you might come up with common questions like what should be the size of the solar panel system, which solar modules to buy, how much will it cost, and so on.

Amongst multiple options of solar power systems available, a standard 6.5kW solar panel system stands to be the most popular choice in Penrith. The size, power production capacity, cost-effectiveness, ease of installation, and return on investment are some of the important factors that made a 6.5 solar power system an ideal pick for Penrith households.

Moving forward, let’s find out why this solar power system is a more rewarding investment.

What is a 6.5kW solar setup?

With more and more people realizing the importance of adopting a cost-effective and reliable energy solution with increasing household expenses, the average size of solar panel systems is gradually getting bigger. While homeowners were usually getting a 3kW solar panel system installed in the last few years, today, more households are opting for a 6.5KW solar panel system.

That’s mainly because a 6.5kW solar power system with a 5KW solar inverter is capable to generate enough electricity to power an average household in Penrith. However, please note that the production of electricity may vary due to the place where the solar panel system is installed or the availability of sunlight.

How many solar panels are required to build a 6.5kW solar system?

Well, the number of solar panels required for a 6.5kW solar setup completely depends on the size of the panels. Typically, you will find solar panels with the power of 300 watts to 400 watts on a 6.5kW solar panel system. For instance, if you plan to use 370W solar panels, you would require 18 panels to build a 6.5kW solar setup.

How much roof space is required to install a 6.5kW solar setup?

Usually, the size of a solar panel is somewhere around 1.8m² and as already discussed, 18 x 370W solar panels build a 6.5kW solar setup. That said, the approximate roof space required to place a 6.5kW solar power system is 36m² or more, based on how your rooftop is laid out.

If in case, tilt frames are required to build your 6.5kW solar panel system, the solar setup will take more area to be mounted on the rooftop. A plus point is that professional solar installers will visit your residential or commercial establishment beforehand to estimate the exact roof space required for solar installation.

How much does a 6.5 kW solar system cost in Penrith?

In Penrith, the retail price of a standard solar power system is usually calculated per watt of power, after taking the solar rebates into account. The price of a 6.5kW solar power system also depends on the installation specifics and components used to mount the system on the rooftop. Please note that a premium 6.5kW solar power unit costs significantly higher than ordinary solar power systems.

Why should I choose a 6.5kW solar power system?

Installing a 6.5kW solar panel system is a great way to produce an endless supply of solar energy in Penrith using renewable sources. Here are the ways by which you can benefit from a 6.5kW solar panel system:

  • Value for Money Investment: You can maximize the “Standard Test Conditions (STCs)” of the solar panels without even upgrading the inverter from 5kW to 6kW. This reduces the cost/watt of your solar power system, allowing you to save a lot of money.
  • Affordable: The 5kW inverters incorporated in the 6.5kW solar panel systems usually cost less than 6kW inverters. Thus, a 6.5kW system is more affordable than other premium solar panel systems.
  • Financial Incentives: A 6.5kW solar power system can produce enough power to export the surplus electricity back to the grid. Power retailers pay a solar feed-in tariff for such surplus, leading to a significant reduction in your monthly power bills.

Bottom Line

Growing awareness about the value of green solar has resulted in a considerable drop in a 6.5 Kw solar system cost. Moreover, the crucial steps taken by governments to promote the adoption of solar energy have further reduced the prices of 6.5kW solar panel systems. The most important reason to install a 6.5kW solar system to generate solar energy in Penrith is that it offers a great return on investment.