Aware Yourself About The Benefits Of Getting DevOps Certification

DevOps Certification

DevOps certification is a must-have skill for IT aspirants. We are well aware of your need for good guidance, which is why we have prepared this article for you to get all the information about the DevOps certification. So just sit back and note all the necessary information about the course.

What Is A DevOps Certification?

The DevOps certification is the standardized testing method to ensure that applicants are well-equipped with significant knowledge of working in the combined areas of software development and IT operations. DevOps has been recognized as more than just a niche, narrowly defined profession or set of skills.

Thanks to its vast domain that is preferred by IT generalists for DevOps positions over specialists. The basic requirement of an entry-level DevOps job is a degree in computer science or related fields involving coding, QA testing, and IT infrastructure components. Positions at higher levels may further require a degree in systems architecture or software design.

Popular DevOps Certifications Include:

  1. Docker Certified Associate
  2. Kubernetes Administrator Certification
  3. Expert Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer
  4. AWS DevOps Engineer Certification
  5. Google’s Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer
  6. DevOps Hashicorp Certified Terraform Associate

There are three certifications associated with DevOps. These include: Foundation, Certified Agile Service Manager, and Certified Agile Process Owner.

Why Should You Have A DevOps Foundation Certification?

Since the pandemic in 2020, significant numbers of businesses and other organizations have suffered major losses. However, it has also seen a boom in the era of digital transformation. AI has become an undeniable necessity. Companies that were previously hesitant to use AI have had no other option but to do so.

2020 has widened the horizons for DevOps as well. A large number of companies have almost started to depend on DevOps completely, so a career in the DevOps field is a very lucrative option. A DevOps certification is useful for managers and employees working in IT firms as it enhances the process of development and design. This certification also provides a concrete understanding of anything related to DevOps, making an individual highly desirable in the job market.

The Overall Benefits Of DevOps Certification

  • Huge Job Opportunities: The popularity of DevOps has risen significantly ever since its formation. As a result, there is an increasing demand for DevOps-certified professionals in this industry. A DevOps Certification can open several doors for you as an IT professional, as several job offers will come your way.
  • Enhanced Skills and Knowledge: DevOps is unique in its own way as it requires an entirely new way of thinking and methods of approach. One can learn the various ways to implement the business and technical benefits of DevOps in an organization. You will learn to work in a diverse team of QA, developers, operation engineers, and business analysts.
  • Higher Salary: According to recent surveys, DevOps certified professionals are among the highest-paid members of the IT industry. As the popularity and demand for DevOps keep increasing in the market, these salary figures won’t be changing any time soon.
  • Higher Production and Increased Effectiveness: A DevOps certification has been shown to increase the productivity of an IT professional significantly. Unnecessary wastage of time can be reduced with the help of DevOps, thus increasing value-added time.

Benefits Of The DevOps Certification in an Organization

A DevOps certification can benefit an organization in the long run. DevOps encourages increased collaboration and communication between operations and development teams.

The development cycle has significantly reduced, which causes an increase in the frequency of release code going into production. With the implementation of DevOps, a job that took 4 to 6 months earlier will now only require a couple of hours.

So, get your DevOps certification and do not miss a single chance to become a part of the elite group of IT professionals in the industry.