Key Factors to Consider Before Buying a Record Player

Record Player

With vinyl, we’ve all got to start someplace. The bulk of people probably made mistakes while purchasing their first record player. You may be fresh to the fascinating world of vinyl or maybe you’ve received a “luggage” record player as a present but don’t think it sounds all that great. How come? Additionally, you might be concerned that you won’t know where to begin and end up spending a lot of cash on your new interest.

So reading through our list of the top record player buying blunders is a smart place to start. And everything becomes a lot more evident after reading on!

Purchasing A Multi-Record Player

All-in-one record players might well be aesthetically appealing and look really nice, but if you’re searching for a good sound, they may not always be the best option. All-in-one and suitcase vinyl players are notorious for using subpar parts that don’t provide outstanding sound and may even harm your records. Since many of these systems lack a counterbalance on the swing arm, the needle will probably dig deeper into your records, resulting in greater wear and tear.

Additionally, you may not be able to position the speakers wherever you would like to for the optimum quality in the space your setup is in because they are occasionally tied to the system. An all-in-one or suitcase vinyl player could be the right choice for you if you need something that looks great and retro, however, if you need to get into vinyl seriously and also have a good sound, avoid them.

Investing in a record player that you cannot upgrade

This is another drawback of several all-in-one systems and less expensive turntables. As with any new pastime, you probably won’t run out and purchase the priciest equipment available, but you also shouldn’t purchase the cheapest. Particularly with vinyl records, this is true.

Most of the less expensive turntables can’t be upgraded. They might have speakers that cannot be replaced, a tonearm and cartridge that cannot be removed, or connectors that are missing, making it impossible to purchase accessories like a separate amplifier. You may also want to upgrade as your interest in record and vinyl players grows. Purchase a system that enables you to do this.

Lacking Maintenance Skills for Your Setup

Now that you’ve got everything set up just right, your record player is in the ideal location for the finest sound. Now, most people would unwind, but you still need to consider keeping that fantastic sound! You might experience issues in the future if you don’t routinely maintain your vinyl player and inspect the stylus, turntable belt, and turntable speed.

Make absolutely sure the turntable has dust covering to safeguard it when not in use, particularly if you have cats. Every week or so, inspect your counterweight. To ensure that the needle is resting on the disc grooves at the proper weight when you reposition your record player, be sure to also properly reposition the counterweight.

Insufficient research

When purchasing your first vinyl player, research is essential. Do you realize what parts you require? Are you aware of your spending limit? Are you investing in a used or new system? Just a handful of the queries you should be asking yourself before purchasing your first record player. Ask a friend who enjoys vinyl for assistance if you have one. Ask someone at the record shop in your neighborhood. For advice, check out discussion forums and web pages online.