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5 Nashville Foods You Absolutely Have to Try

Nashville Foods

Nashville is known for its music and its food in equal amounts, offering the chance to get some great eats and great beats at the same time.  What food really speaks to the tastes of locals here, though?

If you’re in town and want to try foods that really speak for the Nashville way of doing things: these are five restaurant staples you should try.

Hot Chicken

Hot chicken and Nashville are inseparable.  With world-famous restaurants like Hattie B’s and Pepperfire, Nashville offers hot fried chicken, served with bread and crispy pickles that all combine into the perfect meal.  The heat and sweet and spice all together are a fantastic triple threat that will leave you looking for Nashville houses for rent so that you can eat this every day for the rest of your life.  Consider getting this with a side of home fries, and you’ll be in heaven.


Nashville doesn’t mess around when it comes to its biscuits!  Not only can you get hot and fresh biscuits at any time of the day, but they’re all flakey and butter, with layers of laminated dough that just speak to them being handmade with love.  Every bite of these tastes like comfort and can only be elevated with butter and honey.  These are great on the side of any meal you have or on their own as a breakfast with some gravy on top. 

Fried Pickles

Fried pickles are one of the best foods to come out of Tennessee.  The crispy crunch and juicy bite of fried pickles are unmatched.  Best when dipped in ranch, you’ll be amazed how many restaurants have their own recipes for how they bread and fry these.  Every bite is just as satisfying as the last and stands out amongst the rest. 

Tennessee Whiskey

Nashville prides itself on offering locally made whiskey.  From Davidson Reserve to the many different distillery and brewery tours around the city, you’ll never run out of new flavors and fantastic shots to try.  

The best part of Tennessee whiskey is that there are countless salty-sweet, savory foods you can enjoy after as a fantastic addition.  Whiskey and Nashville were a pair made in heaven, and before you leave, you’ll find your favorite brand as well! 

Meat and Three

Meat and three is a classic restaurant layout that has its roots in Nashville, with countless restaurants here offering the layout.  What this means is you get one meat and a selection of any three of their list of sides.  This could mean you get fried chicken with okra, mashed potatoes, and a salad, or it could mean you get chopped pork with three sides of macaroni and cheese.  This allows you to customize your meal as much as you want and create an incredible experience. 

You’ll Love Every Bite in Nashville.

From the hot chicken to crispy pickles and the ease of meat and three restaurants, you’ll never be left hungry in Nashville.  This city understands the importance of good food and a good time!