Wishbone Ring

Wishbone Ring

When looking for a ring for an engagement or any other special ceremony, the wishbone ring can be a great option. These are beautiful pieces of jewellery that can be of great significance. They are unique, eye-catchy and have the potential to stand out of the crowd with their presence.

Wishbone Ring- What is it?

It is a ring featuring a “V” shape. This ring is named because its structure is indistinguishable from the wishbone of poultries. These rings can be worn as wedding rings or can be gifted to a loved one on special occasions. These rings are also available with encrusted diamonds and can be a perfect gifting option for special occasions.

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What significance does the Wishbone Ring convey?

In the early 1900s, wishbone rings became popular. The popularity of these rings sought a new height when they became a symbol of love. People even went ahead to hang these rings above their doors with the wish to find a partner.

A popular traditional belief connects the wishbone rings with the thanksgiving ceremony. During the Thanksgiving meal, the wishbone from a chicken or turkey is pulled by two people after the meal. After the bone snapped, the person left with the “lucky break” or the bigger piece was considered lucky and is motivated to make a wish.

And from this tradition and belief, the wishbone rings have come to symbolize prosperity and hope. Especially, in marriages, these rings are believed to bring enduring good luck to the nuptials.

How to style and wear Wishbone Ring?

Whatever the trend may be, style can always be an individual’s game. With that being said, you can wear a wishbone ring in any way you want. However, unlike other rings, the wishbone ring will look different when worn differently.

If you plan to wear the wishbone engagement ring with the wedding ring, you should wear it after the wedding ring with the “v” pointing towards the wrist. And if you are pairing your wishbone wedding ring with a solitaire engagement ring. You can pair it up in a way that the solitaire rests upon the “v” and look effortlessly beautiful.

The best thing about these rings is that you can wear them in both ways, with the “v” pointing either towards the knuckle or towards the wrist. In both ways, it will create a new impression of the ring and will look beautiful.

Some Beguiling facts about Wishbone Rings:

  • They signify luck: The “pulling the wishbone” custom first started in Ancient Rome and from then on had become a popular thanksgiving culture. The pulling of the wishbone of a chicken or turkey by two people, after the thanksgiving meal, is something that is still very much in practice. The association of wishbone with luck is so much that during the early 1900s, postcards and greeting cards featured a wishbone as a symbol of luck.
  • Victorian Era Popularity: Symbolic jewellery was very popular during the Victorian era. Mostly, the designs that had a hidden meaning behind them had a different craze among people. Some of the popular symbolic jewellery of the era included: necklaces with hearts that symbolised love, horseshoes and four-leaf clovers that symbolised luck, and wisdom symbolised by snakes.

Needless to say, the wishbone design in necklaces and rings also grabbed the attention of the people for its hidden meaning. The early Victorian Era saw the popularity of the wishbone amulets which later on during the 1900s were introduced into necklaces and rings. The stylish yet elegant design of the wishbone ring did not take much time to captivate the fashion-conscious people of the era.  And since then, the wishbone rings have come to become a popular and significant piece of jewellery.

  • The contemporary significance of the Wishbone Rings: In addition to being extremely stylish, elegant, and sophisticated, the symbolization of these rings plays an important role in their popularity, even in recent times. The idea that these rings bring good luck is what had made them extremely popular as wedding or engagement rings. People also consider these rings as a gifting option to mark important and special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays or graduation.
  • A popular choice as Wedding Rings: Because of their unique shape, wishbone rings have come to become a popular choice for wedding rings. They provide a lot of room for the centre stone of the engagement ring to adjust. And also because of their shape, they enhance the look of any other solitaire or other rings worn with them.
  • Versatility: The wishbone rings can be styled in a number of ways. From pointing the “v” in either direction to stacking them up with several other wishbone rings, you can incorporate many styles. You can wear them as a combination of wedding and engagement ring and make for an eye-soothing and pleasant style statement. Besides, the wishbone rings can be set in gold, silver or diamond and be stuffed or encrusted with diamonds, gemstones or birthstones, as per choice.

Bottom Line

This was all about the wishbone rings and how they originated from a popular tradition and now have become a noteworthy collection in jewellery stores. If you are planning to get a wishbone engagement ring, check out the collections at Starfire Engagement Ring in Brisbane and buy a stunning piece to mark the beginning of a beautiful relationship.