Modifying the LED lighting Sytems

Modifying the LED lighting Sytems

There are two major ways of using LEDs to light a system. Edge-lit and Direct-lit are the two popular LED lighting systems that offer different space requirements, visual appearances, and overall performance. The use of Diffusers and reflective films can help in modifying the LED lighting system for the best.

In this post, we will discover how the use of Led diffuser film and Led reflective film can help to modify the lighting system for better presentability and the use of light. But let us first get some idea of the two popular LED lighting system and their difference.

How are Edge-lit and Direct-lit LED lighting different?

Direct-lit lighting systems are straightforwardly used arrays of LEDs that are directed to light the system. This system is more efficient as the light does not require interaction with many surfaces to get out of the system.

Edge-lit, on the other hand, is a lighting system where there are LEDs along some light guides. The light travels through the light guide, where it is pulled out with some sort of extraction technology. The light guide can vary based on material, shape, size, and thickness.

It can be thus accessed that, unlike Edge-lit systems, Direct-lit systems cannot have the directionality of light.

The Role and Utilization of Reflective Films

Reflectors in Edge-lit system: Reflectors are a popular inclusion in Edge-lit lighting systems where they are used to direct the light coming out of the closed face of the light guide back to the system and out of the open face of the system. Reflectors are available in different forms like films, tapes, or metals.

These reflectors can be available in different shapes and cuts for different results. In the Edge-lit system, the reflectors are used to utilize the light that could be lost for efficient lighting options.

While speaking of the use of reflective film, they are generally used to affect the brightness of the display. When using the Led reflective film with the Edge-lit system it is important to match the particle structure of the reflective film with the printing point of the lighting guide. This will help the light to reflect and also to reflect the light relatively uniformly.

Reflectors in Direct-lit systems: The use of reflective films in Direct-lit systems is merely to increase efficiency and to decrease the loss of light as it travels through the system. The more reflective surface the light touches, the less the chance of the light being absorbed and gradually lost.

The use of reflective films can help to alter the output distribution of the lights. This also depends on the surface finish of the reflector and how it works. The specifications of the reflectors also affect the visual appearance of the light.

The Role and utilization of Diffuser Films

Diffusers are typically used to modify the lighting system. Although diffuser films are the most common forms of diffusers, the other popularly used forms are sheets, panels, and tapes. They can also vary in thickness and light transmissivity, which affects the production of light.

Diffusers are used to spread light and make the system more diffuse to even out the illumination profiles. However, when using a diffuser it should be kept in mind that the more diffuse the better the visual appearance of the light but also the worse the efficiency.

Diffusers in Edge-lit System

Diffusers when used with the edge-lit lighting system it adds another layer for the light to interact and thus lessen the efficiency of the lighting. The more the diffused the efficiency of the system decreases as the amount of light passing through the system will decrease. With the addition of the Led diffuser film, the directionality of the system will change and this will cause a more Lambertian output.

Some diffusers also help in shaping the output distribution from different angles. It also helps in hiding the hot spotting from LEDs by distributing the light uniformly and spreading it. Diffusers help to camouflage the defects and inconsistency on the light guide. It helps in creating a softer-looking light.

Diffusers in Direct-lit System

In a Direct-lit system, diffusers reduce the efficiency of the lighting system. It helps in creating softer lighting and evenly diffuses the light. However, the diffusers do not bring any drastic change in the output of the direct-lit lighting system.

The Diffuser films can help in hiding the light source and create a more blending effect with the light. When lit, they will produce softer lighting, and when not lit, the viewer will get the aesthetically appealing view of the diffuser rather than the LED light source.

Summing Up

LEDs have high efficiency and directional nature which makes them the most efficient option for lighting systems and many other uses. Adding the diffuser and reflector in a lighting system to modify the output helps in increasing the efficiency, enhancing the brightness, and altering the visual aesthetics.

Of late, innovative and creative lighting systems are much in trend to create efficient lighting that helps in achieving the required output. Both reflectors and diffusers can be used in several ways to create the perfect lighting output.